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Looking back at 2016, here's what everyone was reading.

Enjoy this walk back in time with AgWeb's top read stories that will have you remembering the year we just put behind us.

July 26
10. Dicamba Drifts Stirs Pot of Farm Trouble
By Chris Bennett

Bob Griffin was rolling down Highway 49's carpet of farmland when he saw the damage. Something was just off about the crop. He walked into R3 soybeans, already podded up, and saw cobra-headed damage on leaves tapering across the field. Instinctively, he knew what had happened-telltale signs of dicamba drift. Read more now.

April 11
9. Farmers Get Biggest U.S. Subsidy Check in Decade as Prices Drop

The agriculture slump is getting so bad in the U.S. that farmers are about to get more government aid than at any time in the past decade, signaling the rising public cost of crop surpluses and cheap food. Read more now.

Feb. 19
8. When Farmland Auctions Ignore Price Trends
Ben Potter

Individual farmland auctions don't always follow regional or national trends. In two separate Illinois auctions, competitive bidding threw farmland price trends out the window and hit saw land sell for some amazing prices. Read more now.

Nov. 9
7. President Trump: What's Next for Ag?
Ben Potter

This was the question on everyone's mind back in November and remains there still. Here's what analysts are saying. Read more now.

Aug. 31
6. Deere Precision Planting Deal Blocked By Justice
Alison Rice

This was big news that nobody saw coming. Roughly nine months after John Deere announced their plans to acquire Precision Planting, the acquisition hit a major roadblock. Read more now.

Oct. 7
5. Where Did $7 Billion in ARC-Co and PLC Payments Go?
Ben Potter

Nationwide, 76% of participating farm base acres are enrolled in ARC-CO, 23% in PLC and 1% in ARC-Individual. Curious about where the money is going, exactly? Here's a map that illustrates payments by country and a look at where those payments were dispersed. Read more now.

Feb. 7
4. When Will Corn Get Back to $4?
Ben Potter

Corn did crack $4 per bu. in April but it didn't stay there. While analysts are optimistic looking forward, here's a look back at what they were thinking for 2016. Read more now.

Feb. 2
3. Corn Will Climb Out of Price Basement
Nate Birt

Optimism was high early on in the year despite the likelihood more acres of corn, soybeans and small grains would be in production during 2016 compared to this past year. That likelihood was a reality, especially in corn. Here's what analysts were thinking earlier this year. Read more now.

2. 12 Farmers Who Are Having a Worse Day Than You
Chris Walljasper

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems everything goes wrong? Well, these guys know how you feel. In fact, they might know it all too well. While the contest this was part of is over, our What A Day! slideshow is still a fan favorite and so is the What A Day! book. Of course, submissions are always welcome. Read more now.

Jan. 28
1. Weather Expert Predicts $6 Corn
Anna-Lisa Laca

The number one story on AgWeb certainly turned some heads and for obvious reasons. It also showed how closely farmers are paying attention to the markets. It was a tough year with low prices and tight margins and equally difficult was predicting what those prices would do. As much as farmers would have loved to see this prediction come true, it just wasn't meant to be. Read more now.

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