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Source: Agrible news release

Farmers growing high oleic soybeans in the Midwest now have an opportunity to use cutting-edge software and measure the sustainability of the high oleic crop through a soy checkoff-supported program. The soy checkoff's High Oleic Sustainability Program is available for farmers growing high oleic soybeans in Ohio and Indiana, and Agrible is proud to provide data and analysis tools to support this program. The soy checkoff and Agrible are actively looking for more farmers who are interested in participating.

Sustainable farming is a top priority for both organizations. This shared mission led to the creation of a sustainability program that combines farm information with Agrible's crop modeling and predictive weather analysis system. This helps farmers easily see the big picture overview of their operation and make more informed management decisions.

Individual farmers who participate contribute anonymous sustainability data from their high oleic acres to the program. The program uses one set of aggregated indicators to talk about all high oleic soybean acres. At the same time, participating farmers compare their data to local watershed averages for high oleic yield, soil health, and more. When farmers compare how the results of their high oleic soybean management system track against others, they can focus their efforts and understand the results of their on-farm improvements.

"This program will benefit all U.S. soybean farmers by accurately showing how U.S. farmers are working hard to protect the environment and continually improving every aspect of their farms," says Nancy Kavazanjian, a Wisconsin soybean farmer and soy checkoff farmer-leader. "Having verified metrics to prove our sustainability should make high oleic soybeans even more attractive to buyers, and ultimately consumers. Agrible's data platform is a natural fit for this project due to its software abilities and its relationship as a qualified data management partner with Field to Market, an industry-wide alliance for sustainable agriculture."

For more information and to sign up to be a part of the program, visit:

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