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Source: EveryPig, Inc. news release

EveryPig, Inc. (formerly CDB Technologies, LLC) announces that it has designed functionality utilizing deep learning technology to assist swine veterinarians in making rapid, remote diagnosis.

"Caregivers" using the EveryPig app on a daily basis, upload photos and videos straight from the farm to the platform's Farmfeed™, where veterinarians are already making remote diagnoses in real-time. EveryPig, in an industry first, will harness Amazon Rekognition to process images and train its AI to make diagnosis recommendations through the app. The move enhances tools EveryPig has already developed which equip farm managers and owners with the ability to analyze health trends.

Chris Bomgaars, the founder of EveryPig, says, "Agriculture is said to be the least digitized industry in the world. We see an incredible opportunity to bring technology to farms while increasing transparency in the swine industry. With the massive amounts of data we're collecting, we will be able to provide EveryPig's users with accurate and timely AI diagnosis. That's pretty cool."

The industry is catching on. Veterinary clinics and large family-owned pork production businesses who raise over a million pigs per year have recently joined EveryPig. Bomgaars says, "Our platform is unique in that everyone wins. We save pig lives, help veterinarians respond quicker than ever before to their clients as health issues appear, and we save money for companies that own pigs. Every new customer makes us smarter. We're constantly listening to our users and making the product more useful."

EveryPig empowers its users to leverage limited veterinary resources, helping vets and managers oversee more animals in the same amount of time while improving biosecurity. Given that the platform provides insights and context to herd health, veterinarians can reduce their physical visits to farms. Soon, EveryPig's artificial intelligence will further assist these veterinarians in many ways, including medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

EveryPig is a B2B animal health platform, enabling businesses that own or manage pigs with the tools they need to do a better job responding to animal health issues in real-time. The platform is at the cutting edge of technology and agriculture and currently has over 750 users who own/manage over 3,000,000 pigs per year.

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