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Source: Q2Earth news release

Q2Earth, Inc. (OTCQB: QPWR) (the "Company" or "Q2") has signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Agrarian Technologies LLC and its affiliates ("Agrarian") to sell Agrarian's proprietary ABS bio-stimulant, an organic, natural compound designed to enhance root formation, increase vascular strength and promote overall plant health through the entire growth cycle.

The license agreement covers all ABS formulations, applications and improvements, including a unique and proprietary process to utilize ABS to boost the nutrient and commercial value of compost, engineered soils and wood mulch. The license also provides Q2 with the exclusive rights to market soil and mulch products under the Wild Earth and Mulch Masters federally registered trademarks. The agreement is 10-years with renewal terms, and provides Agrarian royalties based on the sale of the ABS formula including minimum annual guarantees.

ABS is an environmentally safe, non-toxic bio-stimulant that can replace the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers in agricultural and landscaping applications, as well as enhance the efficacy and value of compost and wood mulch products.

The formulation is derived from seaweed extract and humate which, in combination, supplies essential minerals, nutrients and organic acids needed to promote microbial activity around root systems, enhance uptake of micronutrients and strengthen the ecosystems that lead to healthy, better yielding plants. ABS, a product of over 50 years of university and private research, meets USDA standards for an organic system plan.

"We have seen firsthand the remarkable results than can be achieved with ABS from healthier plants and lawns to reduced chemical and water usage that is possible when rich organic matter is applied to the soil," stated Kevin Bolin, the Company's CEO. "We also see great potential in how ABS can improve the quality and consistency of compost, engineered soils and even mulch, creating unique consumer products in a commoditized market."

"Our license with Agrarian Technologies will not only support compost production and sales at our affiliated Jacksonville, FL and Austin, TX facilities, but will also provide Q2 with an independent business line. We have already commenced marketing and sales of ABS both as a stand-alone product and as a soil and mulch enhancement," continued Kevin Bolin, the Company's CEO.

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