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Source: A Greener World news release

Terrebonne, OR - A Greener World, the nonprofit certifier of the respected label, Certified Non-GMO by AGW, has announced it will no longer be accepting equivalence with Non-GMO Project Verified.

The Non-GMO Project announced a higher tolerance of contamination from genetically modified ingredients (genetically modified organisms, or GMOs), permitting the known GMO contamination of animal feed at levels of up to 5%--and intentional dilution of non-GMO feed with genetically modified feed. For context, the standards set by A Greener World (and other non-GMO certifiers across the globe) are significantly more rigorous, permitting contamination at only 0.9%, and forbidding known contamination.

Following input from stakeholders and internal review, A Greener World determined that continuing to allow equivalence with a lower standard would put its integrity (and that of its certified producers) at risk. AGW informed certified producers earlier this year and has worked since to smoothly transition away from relying on equivalence The Non-GMO Project, as well as make new applicants aware of the new policy.

Andrew Gunther, A Greener World Executive Director, says,
"As a nonprofit dedicated to transparency in food labels, we were disappointed with The Non-GMO Project's lowered standards. We recognize that contamination of non-GMO products is a challenge, but we're never going to solve the problem by lowering our standards for what "GMO" actually means. Where does that logic end? If an egg can be called "Non-GMO" while the hen is knowingly fed GMO grains, this flies in the face of consumer trust and is out of sync with what people expect from a non-GMO label.

We make this decision regretfully, but when the choice is between real change and the appearance of change, we will always choose the former. We continue to remain committed to working with producers to make verified non-GMO claims consumers can trust."

A Greener World's family of labels includes Certified Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grassfed by AGW, Certified Non-GMO by AGW and the recently launched Salmon Welfare Certified by AGW. Certified Grassfed by AGW and Certified Non-GMO by AGW are the only grassfed and non-GMO labels that include meaningful animal welfare standards for meat, eggs, dairy and fish (either Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW or Salmon Welfare Certified).

Certified Non-GMO by AGW is also available to feed producers, packaged goods, and a range of other products at risk from contamination by genetically modified ingredients (see how the label compares to other non-GMO labels here). For more information visit

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