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Source: MIH Water Treatment news release

Ontario, CA - An innovative process that uses naturally occurring bacteria to remove nitrate from contaminated groundwater has received approval from California's State Water Board as a treatment method.

The validation stems from a recent pilot study of the Hall BioProcess by MIH Water Treatment, Inc. (MIH) and the San Antonio Water Company (SAWCO) in Upland, California.

The simple, eco-friendly process uses a three-chamber system and oxygen-starved bacteria that essentially consume nitrate, perchlorate and other contaminants. When compared to traditional treatment systems, the patented Hall BioReactor costs less to operate, is more efficient and does not create contaminated waste or byproducts.

"This groundbreaking project demonstrates the advantages of harnessing a natural process to treat a range of contaminants safely and reliably," said Peter Hall, Chief Technical Officer at MIH.

The water treated at SAWCO exceeded water quality requirements for nitrate levels and the pilot study was cleared by the state's Division of Drinking Water.

Brian Lee, General Manager at SAWCO, said the process proved invaluable for treating groundwater contamination, a significant challenge for drinking water suppliers across the state. Nitrate ground water contamination is largely associated with historical farming practices and the use of fertilizer in agricultural fields, which has migrated over time into our aquifers.

"Our job as stewards of this vital resource is to ensure we have an adequate supply of quality drinking water for our customers, both now and in the future. Innovations in groundwater treatment like this one will enhance our available water supplies to continuously meet those needs," Lee said.

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