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Source: G & S Business Communications news release

NEW YORK--G&S Business Communications (G&S), an integrated public relations and communications agency that helps innovative companies change the world, today unveils Reshaping the Future, a new series featuring a pulse of new data and diverse perspectives.

This multi-channel thought leadership program focuses on how behaviors and mindsets have fundamentally changed over the last year, offering the agency's insights to brands as they navigate 2021 and beyond.

The Future Is Loading, the inaugural report from the Reshaping the Future series, provides macro trends amid continuous change, as well as previews of industry-specific data to be released in forthcoming reports within Financial and Professional Services; Healthcare and Wellness; Home and Building; Food and Agriculture; and Advanced Manufacturing and Energy. G&S Chief Growth Officer Steve Halsey is spearheading the report and campaign, with vital input from agency leadership across sectors, G&S offices and service areas.

"In times of such uncertainty, people are seeking a sense of purpose and strong guidance. A new future is loading and we have an opportunity to shape it for the better," said Steve Halsey, Chief Growth Officer, G&S Business Communications. "Core tenets like reputation, trust and brand are more important than ever, and more vulnerable. As communicators and marketers, we live at the focal point of this convergence. Now is the time to take confident risks, fuel change and inspire action, and that's what Reshaping the Future is all about."

Here are a few key trends in the report:

Realistic Optimism: While practical about the challenges in front of us, Americans have a sense of realistic optimism about our future. 56% of respondents are at least somewhat confident small businesses will bounce back within two years, and 68% of those surveyed are at least somewhat confident the economy as a whole will recover in that same time.

What We Want Most / What Concerns Us Most - Hope and Help: The surveys highlight what Americans are looking forward to most after the pandemic. Americans want to be in large gatherings with family and friends (62%), attend concerts (36%), see live sports (25%), attend theatrical performances (29%) and go to food festivals (30%).

However, Americans say the top five immediate issues we need to address include:

*economic recovery,

*affordable healthcare,

*clean / renewable energy policies,

*ending racial, gender, and ethnic discrimination, and

*addressing climate change and sustainability issues.

The World Demands a B2I Approach: People want to be treated and communicated with as individuals. B2I, business to individual, requires giving audiences what they want, when and how they want it; the report details ways brands can navigate this. As Luke Lambert, President and CEO of G&S says, "The holy grail for most industries today is greater personalization. Digital is a critical part of that, yet it must always complement a company's people, purpose and values."

Reputation, Trust, and Brand Remain Bedrock: Protecting a company's reputation is important yet more difficult than ever in the B2I environment. Individuals must trust that companies are not only delivering on brand expectations, but also developing and meeting corporate goals, specifically related to ESG and DE&I.

The full report and infographics are available on the < a href="">G&S website. In the weeks and months ahead, G&S will distribute additional reports with key data highlighting trends and actionable insights. Each report will be accompanied by industry specific podcast interviews, new blog posts, infographics and more.

Survey Methodology:

G&S conducted surveys in April and October 2020, as well as in January 2021 and February 2021. In 2021, the food, healthcare and finance sections were completed by a representative U.S. sample of 1,041 adults aged 18+, while the home renovation and manufacturing sections were completed by a representative U.S. sample of 1,050 adults aged 18+. Both samples have been balanced for age and gender based on the Census Bureau's American Community survey to reflect the demographic composition of the U.S.

The February G&S Snap Poll exploring attitudes around corporate purpose, ESG and DE&I was administered online. It was completed by 422 adults aged 18+ in the U.S. on February 10, 2021 and was balanced for age and gender.

About G&S Business Communications

G&S Business Communications is a global independent business communications firm headquartered in New York, with offices in Chicago, Raleigh, North Carolina; Basel / Zurich, Switzerland. The agency helps innovative companies change the world, specializing in business communications across Advanced Manufacturing & Energy, Agribusiness, Financial & Professional Services, Healthcare & Wellness, and Home & Building. The firm's global network extends across more than 50 countries through its PROI Worldwide partnership. Learn more at

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