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Source: Wilbur-Ellis news release

Aurora, CO - A new surfactant has been added to the Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness organic product line. This expanding portfolio of OMRI-listed products offers growers a cutting-edge approach to organic integration and crop production.

"INFOLIUM-EA is a nonionic surfactant, specifically formulated to bring conventional functionality to an organic surfactant," said Jason Ellsworth, organic portfolio manager, Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness. "By increasing both the spreadability of the spray and the active ingredients' penetration into the leaf tissue, INFOLIUM-EA helps pesticides perform better."

INFOLIUM-EA improves weed and pest control in multiple ways:
1) Reduces surface tension between the spray droplets and the plant cuticle
2) Promotes quick wetting and spreading to produce a more uniform spray deposit
3) Efficiently moves the active ingredient into the water channels of the leaf
4) Increases absorption of the product

Organic growers have a high-quality, high-performing, consistent, and reliable surfactant choice with INFOLIUM-EA. It features a unique, patented technology that is safe to use, environmentally friendly, and efficacious. This product can be used for application to crops and other sites, including aquatic, non-crop vegetation, turf, and ornamental.

"Consumers are asking for sustainably grown, wholesome, and organic products," said Ellsworth. "We're dedicated to providing growers with the resources they need to produce high-value organic crops in order to meet the demands of today's consumers."

Wilbur-Ellis brings decades of experience and resources to help get your organic business off the ground - from consultation and regulatory support to product recommendations, habitat creation, and transition management. Connect with your local Wilbur-Ellis expert to find the right organic solutions

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