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Source: blog by Alicia Heun, Director of Engagement, Paulsen

A dad asked his three-and-a-half-year-old where bread comes from. Without hesitation, she responds, “It grows in the bag.”

While kids on the farm and baby animals are just about the cutest things around, these true stories raise a red flag. The adult in each of these scenarios followed these cute remarks with a real-life farm fact. But what about the millions of youth, and adults, who have no one to provide that first-hand farm information?

An eight-year-old from California joined her extended family as they worked calves at the dairy farm. “That cow is getting her ears pierced,” she exclaimed.

The Paulsen team has been specializing in moving rural businesses forward for seven decades. And in that time, the number of Americans involved in production agriculture has dwindled to less than two percent from more than 40 percent.

Helping to do chores at the cow/calf operation, a three-year-old donning his “farm boots” boldly noted the “daddy bulls” had all been fed, so it was time to feed the “mommy bulls.”

In the span of three generations, diversity in agriculture has also changed. There was a time when every farm family raised chickens, hogs, corn, oats, soybeans, extensive gardens and milked cows. Moms baked their bread; kids helped churn butter; and everyone in the family got in on plucking and cleaning chickens.

Riding in the combine with his grandpa, a little boy asked where all of the “corn pods” were going and when they would start combining the “bean kernels”?

National Ag Day is an opportunity for us to remember how many of our American neighbors may have these same comments about their food source. While most adults wouldn't assume "bread grows in a bag," it is likely they think it merely comes from the grocery store shelf.

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