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Source: by Randy Dickhut, Sr VP/Real Estate Operations, Farmers National Company, Omaha, NE

National Ag Day is past, but I would offer that we should celebrate the amazing bounty of US agriculture each day in many ways. As a former farm kid and farmer for many years, my heart and anticipation stir each spring as the grass greens and the buds appear.

As one who has held the basis of agriculture in his hand, the soil, and cared for it, I am privileged to have had that experience. Knowing how to nurture the seed to harvest or the newborn calf to maturity takes skill and perseverance of which US farmers and ranchers have an abundance of.

Each time we take a bite of a Florida strawberry, eat an Idaho potato, enjoy a Washington apple, put Michigan blueberries on our cereal, grill a choice steak, have bacon with our eggs, share a glass of California wine with friends, drink a glass of milk, or buy local produce, we can appreciate that US agriculture takes care of us. It requires the farmers, ranchers, owners, operators, laborers, processors, and everyone in between to get food from the farm to our tables for us to enjoy. We also depend on agriculture for bio-fuels that power our cars and trucks and the fibers that cloth us.

US agriculture is changing fast. Trends in the foods we want and the way they are produced are accelerating changes on farms and ranches. Science and technology are changing the actual foods we eat and the fibers we use. More of the food we eat maybe produced in a controlled environment in the future.

Technology is driving change in how farmers and ranchers utilize data to produce more with less inputs. And today, agriculture is being looked to for carbon capture in our environment. On top of all of this is the growing global demand for better diets, more protein, and sustainable production.

I have no doubt that US agriculture and its producers will meet the challenge on multiple fronts to lead the world in abundant and sustainable production. Springtime brings a fresh outlook for a new season and US agriculture has much to look forward to in the years to come.

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