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Source: Harrison Co. news release

Fresno, CA - The COVID-19 pandemic revealed serious weaknesses in critical U.S. infrastructure, including how vulnerable the U.S. supply chain is to disruptions and the essential nature of maintaining a safe, and secure food supply.

In the center of California, highly productive farmland within a 100- mile radius of Fresno produces more than half of the nation's fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, this area has faced numerous obstacles to success, long before COVID-19, which are detailed in a comprehensive report just released by Harrison Co. called "California's Forgotten Farmers - A 100 Mile Circle Fighting to Preserve America's Food Independence." This report points out the gap in understanding the crucial role agriculture in this region plays in food security and the importance of preserving this natural resource.

Harrison Co. is an investment banking firm deeply committed to the food and agriculture industries. The firm's partners intend to use findings from this report to encourage political, civic, and agricultural leaders to join together and solve significant issues impacting the area they call the 100 Mile Circle.

"If the point of a compass was centered on Fresno and a 100-mile radius was drawn, the circle formed would reach across the most vital and productive growing region in the world," says Bill Harrison, the firm's managing partner. "Although this area covers less than one percent of the total landmass of the U.S., it produces nearly one-half of its fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts-more than 250 different crops essential to U.S. security and human survival."

Today, this vital resource is facing several challenges, though not only from drought or climate change. The region's farmers and ranchers are some of the most innovative in the world, continuing to improve the way they grow food-- from creating new heat-tolerant varieties to incorporating precision irrigation and moisture sensing technology. However, the most significant threats to the future of the 100 Mile Circle are:

Legislative indifference to the value of the region's critical contribution to California.

Insufficient infrastructure spending necessary to maintain ag production.

Onerous, unrealistic regulations, particularly around resources such as water and labor.

Lack of education and understanding about the essential role the region plays in security and global economic conditions.

"Every stakeholder must work together to make major changes in the 100 Mile Circle, or our agriculture industry and our country will face dire consequences," Harrison says. "We challenge U.S. legislators to implement the policies necessary to protect America's food independence."

To receive the detailed report, click here

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