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Source: blog by Portia Stewart, Farm Journal

Carbon markets have often been described as the Wild West. What do farmers want to know before they make a decision to sign on the dotted line? In a March Farm Journal Pulse Poll, we asked:

"What is the biggest reason why you would NOT participate in a carbon market?"

Here's how respondents answered:

15% Payment not worth the effort

9% Carbon markets aren't developed enough

7% Not enough benefit for farmers

5% Don't want to share my data

64% I need more information I can trust

In the recent Farm Country Update, "The Three Biggest Trends in Carbon Markets," Oregon livestock producer Kelley Delpit said producers should ask themselves these questions to make a decision.

What's your motivation entering into carbon markets and transitioning to regenerative practices?

What benefits do you hope to accrue? Is it financial, improving soil health, improving livestock weights or another metric?

How are you prepared to adapt your existing practices to implement regenerative practices?

What local support network exists-such as state and federal agencies, local NGOs, universities, and other producers-to help guide you through your transition?

For three webinars on Carbon Credits click here.

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