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Source: Aerapy Animal Health news release

SAINT CHARLES, Ill. -- PetAirapy, the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI or UV) products for the animal care industry, today unveiled its new branding as Aerapy Animal Health.

The new name not only reflects the company's tremendous growth as a UV technology provider in the human sector as Aerapy, but also its commitment to helping create healthy indoor environments for all animals, including those that might not fit under the "pet" umbrella. In business since 2008 as PetAirapy, the company's UV products help clean and sanitize the air in pet boarding and daycare facilities, veterinary clinics and hospitals, animal shelters, and more.

"I founded PetAirapy 13 years ago with a passion for eliminating infectious diseases and allergens in animal care environments and that passion has never waned," said Annette Uda, the company's founder and president. "As we expanded into the human space as Aerapy, installing our UV products in schools, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and more, the importance of the human-animal bond became even more apparent and we wanted our name to reflect that."

The company's UV has been independently tested against and achieved a greater than 99.9% reduction of a slate of airborne and direct contact pathogens that impact animal care providers including canine (kennel) cough, canine influenza (dog flu), feline calicivirus, canine parvovirus, as well as mold and other allergens. A published animal shelter study shows Aerapy Animal Health UV products achieved an 87.1% reduction in upper respiratory infections.

"What the pandemic made clear is that animal care is also human care, the health of employees and human clients matters, which is why our UV products installed in animal care facilities are tested against, and are shown to achieve a greater than 99.9% reduction in, pathogens that impact humans like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19," said Uda. "Aerapy is for animals and the humans who care for them."

About Aerapy Animal Health

Serving the animal space under the Aerapy Animal Health brand and the human space as Aerapy, the company is dedicated to helping create healthy indoor environments for all with researched, tested, and study-backed UV technology. Aerapy's high quality, made in the USA UV products for HVAC systems and standalone upper air UV units, such as the patented Zone360, can be installed in new buildings or retrofitted into existing facilities. Aerapy is a certified woman-owned business. For more information, visit

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