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By Margie Eckelkamp,

Scott Wine
Scott Wine is the Chief Executive Officer of CNH Industrial N.V. and an executive director on the Company's Board of Directors. He joined CNH Industrial from Polaris Industries where he was CEO and chairman. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the United States Naval Academy, and an MBA from the University of Maryland. He serves on the Boards of US Bancorp and the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation.

You're approaching the one-year anniversary of joining CNH Industrial, how's it going?
I am almost at the nine-month point now. They announced my new role in late November, and then I joined CNH Industrial in January 2021. It's been a whirlwind, but every bit the challenge and the opportunity to be expected.

As a company, what's your unique selling point and positioning right now?
We've got two great global brands in ag and also a really strong Case equipment brand in construction. We've got an incredibly passionate and dedicated team, and we've got a business that is in many ways has been under invested in and under focused on. Yet we're still number two in the global ag market and I just say 'my gosh, what happens, we actually run this thing the right way and start to deliver the value that we know we can for our customers and dealers.' I'm really, really bullish. We've got to win on product branding, distribution and I feel comfortable that we can

What are the areas on the top of your list going forward?
The acquisition of Raven gives the indication that I think we should or could have invested a little bit more some of our technology platforms. Precision and autonomy are an opportunity for us, and Raven really helps put us in a very, very competitive position. But our powertrains are industry leading, and some of the things we're doing with alternative powertrains are also industry leading.

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