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By Jaime Copley, Sukup Manaufacturing

As you read this, more than 30 Ukrainian women, children and the elderly representing sixteen families are safely out of harm's way.

Their 1,200 mile journey, and days spent traveling across four countries, became reality when an Iowa-based agriculture manufacturer reached out to help. Located in a Midwestern town of just 1200, this connection and this story will forever bring new meaning to #TeamSukup.

February 24, 2022. Russia invades neighboring country Ukraine. The world has watched terror unfold for the country that gained its independence from the communist regime in the early 90's; after the fall of the Soviet Union.

From afar, we've watched the world quietly stand in support of the Ukrainians. Many of us, helplessly searching for some common thread that ties us in solidarity with those under attack.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. has that thread. Our business partners at Grain House Company in Ukraine. There, they manufacture grain bins and material handling equipment. We've been a team for many years. But this mission? It takes teamwork to another level.

Unbeknownst to many, a daring mission was evolving even under the relentless Russian attacks.

The mission involves our European counterpart; Sukup Europe. A dynamic business relationship was forged in the early 2000's and in 2015 Sukup Manufacturing Co. acquired the company.

It's how this whirlwind of chaos that's rocked the more than 44 million living in the Eastern European country, came to our company's attention. It's how #TeamSukup took on a different context recently.

Our Sukup Europe and Grain House Company friends are desperate to evacuate their families. Many men are called upon to serve. They cannot leave. Women and children must get to safety.

Sukup Europe's Managing Director/Sales Manager Jens Erik Iversen is a busy businessman with a heart for helping others. Andriy Semenovych is co-founder of Grain House Company and deeply impacted by the war.

To view the complete report, click here.

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