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Farm Equipment magazine reports:

Väderstad now make it possible to place seeds of cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, peas and maize at a very precise depth and position.

Thus, the Swedes have created a whole new impulse to the seeder market, says FARM MACHINE Jury Member Thomas Musch-Edelmayr of the Austrian farming news brand Bauernzeitung.

Varies by Sub-Area
"It widens the possibilities of precision seeding as we know it into cereals," he argues. But the Proceed also scored points with the jury for its continuously adaptable seed rate, enabling sub-area specific work. "A precision seeder for so many different types of seeders is new to the market," Thomas says.

Seed Rate Halved, Same Yield
The manufacturer says they have halved seed rates during field trials and still harvested constant yields.

Before the Proceed places a seed, a pre-roller reconsolidates the soil guaranteeing equal conditions for each grain. The pre-rollers' pressure is adjusted hydraulically.

Row units on the Proceed are powered electrically, enabling both section control and variable rate control.

Fast to Adapt
For cereals, the Proceed offers row spacings of 225 oder 250 mm. With a quick change of seed discs, you can go on to sow sugar beet or oilseed rape at 450 oder 500 mm. Also, you can work with a row spacing of 750 mm for maize, sunflowers or cotton.

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