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Source: Midwestern BioAg news release

Blue Mounds, WI - With today's high fertilizer prices, the increased yield from TerraNu fertilizers delivers a return on investment of 2x above nutrient value through enhanced soil productivity. Farmers can realize the benefits of adopting regenerative farming practices through existing equipment.

Soil respiration research has shown that TerraNu's carbon matrix enhances biological activity which drives greater yields. Increased biological activity improves nutrient use efficiency through mineralization, making nutrients more plant available. 86% of multi-year, on-farm, and contracted research trials reported TerraNu Nutrient Technology™ increased yields on average 5-10 bushel/acre. Grain testing results confirm twice as much nitrogen is captured by the crop when applied through TerraNu.

TerraNu is a closed-loop fertilizer derived from excess dairy manure. The diversified carbon sources provide the ideal substrate for soil microbes while also adding organic matter. The end result is improved nutrient uptake and water efficiency in all conditions, but especially with sandier soils.

Midwestern BioAg's Director of Agronomy, Chris Kniffen, says, "TerraNu allows for more efficient recovery of nutrients and improved soil health, which are crucial with historically high input prices." "For decades, carbon management has been a core part of Midwestern BioAg's approach, enabling a 20%+ reduction in nitrogen applications for corn vs conventional practices. With TerraNu, we can enable the same approach for farmers across the country."

"Midwestern BioAg was founded 40 years ago to promote soil health as the path to better farming," says Gaji Balakaneshan, Chief Operating Officer of Midwestern BioAg. "TerraNu provides first-year returns to farmers while accelerating the soil building process in a way immediately accessible to farmers across the country."

TerraNu provides farmers with Soil Health in Every Granule™ in three convenient and easy-to-apply homogenized formulations. These formulations were designed to work as standalone fertilizer products or ways to improve other bulk blends or dry fertilizer products.

TerraNu Calcium is a drop-in replacement for pelletized gypsum, particularly effective for potatoes
TerraNu Ignite is designed to be placed in the rootzone as a starter fertilizer, such as in-furrow for corn and wheat or strip-tilled

TerraNu MicroPack is the best micronutrient program on the market, providing improved dispersion through homogenized granules

Climate-smart TerraNu fertilizers are sold domestically by Midwestern BioAg and its authorized dealers. Midwestern BioAg provides solutions for farmers to effectively and profitably transition to more sustainable, regenerative farming operations.

Learn more by visiting or

About Midwestern BioAg:

The company supports both organic and conventional farms with our comprehensive, soil-centric, whole-farm management system. Midwestern BioAg's focus on soil health utilizes products and practices to harness the soil microbiome, enhance nutrient-use efficiency, build soil organic matter, and increase the long-term productivity of the farmland. Founded in 1983, Midwestern BioAg is headquartered in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, with additional locations in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota. Visit or for more information.

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