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Source: AMVAC news release

NEWPORT BEACH, California, - AMVAC recently concluded a 12-stop Technology Summit road tour showcasing the expanding SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio and SIMPAS application system.

SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS) are products that are prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge container technology through the SIMPAS application system to address unique agronomic needs. Multiple SaS products, such as insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, and micronutrients, are delivered simultaneously, in-furrow, during planting.

Nate Eitzmann from Asmus Farm Supply attended the Technology Summit in Clear Lake, Iowa. He worked with two growers on their SIMPAS-application systems this past season, and one grower each of the two seasons prior to that.

"It's been really good being involved from the get-go because we saw where the SIMPAS system was at, and we've seen AMVAC and Trimble take our suggestions and roll with them," he said. "It's exciting to see the advancements and changes they've made, and the biggest excitement about all of it is that the product portfolio is continually expanding."

Among the topics discussed was a survey of precision ag retailers conducted by CropLife magazine in conjunction with Purdue University, which found that by 2025, use of variable rate fertilizer by retailers will reach 93%, and use of variable rate pesticide by retailers will reach 56%. While crop input application prescriptions for pesticides and biologicals are somewhat new, they are developed in much the same way as prescriptive application of fertilizer.

With prescriptive application, readily available data such as soil type, elevation, CEC, pH, OM, satellite imagery, and field history, are used to create a shapefile, which then guides a unique application system to apply crop inputs in-furrow precisely and variably.

"SIMPAS-applied Solutions and the SIMPAS application system allow farmers, agronomists and retailers to be versatile with multiple crops, multiple products, multiple strategies and multiple planters," Jim Lappin, director of SIMPAS Portfolio and Alliances at AMVAC, said. "This method allows data to drive at-plant input decisions, offering peace of mind that growers are planting strategically to yield optimal results and increase profit potential."

The expanding SaS portfolio includes both AMVAC products as well as licensed products from other manufacturers, such as Verdesian Life Sciences, Syngenta, and Azotic North America, to meet the unique needs of growers throughout the U.S. Some of the products include Envita, Counter 20G, AZTEC HC, MicroSync IRON IDC, and iNvigorate, the first liquid product to be made available for the SIMPAS application system on both corn and soybeans.

"This prescriptive approach lets farmers turn yield barriers such as nitrogen limitations, pest pressure, iron deficiency, and poor soil health into opportunities to increase yield and profit potential," Lappin said. "Using the SIMPAS system along with Ultimus technology also helps to support environmental stewardship with precise product application, optimized inputs per field, reduced worker exposure, and forensic-quality traceability."

The SIMPAS Technology Summits were hosted throughout the Midwest to help educate growers and precision ag retailers on the technology.

To learn more about the portfolio of SIMPAS-applied Solutions available to help growers optimize yield with their at-plant inputs, visit If you're interested in seeing a demo of the SIMPAS system, find your local Trimble dealer at

About SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS)

SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS) are products prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge container technology to address unique agronomic needs. With SmartCartridge, farmers can apply precise rates of crop inputs that their trusted advisor prescribes, by management zone. Multiple SaS products including insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, micronutrients, and solutions for soil health and fertilizer efficiency are delivered simultaneously in-furrow during planting using SIMPAS equipment available through Trimble dealers.
The SaS product portfolio includes AZTEC HC SmartCartridge Insecticide, COUNTER 20G SmartCartridge Insecticide / Nematicide, Envita N-Fixing Solution, Force 10G HL SmartCartridge Insecticide, iNvigorate Biological, MicroSync IRON IDC micronutrient and ZINC Micronutrient SmartCartridge, as well as SMARTHOICE HC and Thimet 20-G insecticides, and Ridomil Gold GR fungicide.


AMVAC is a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation. American Vanguard Corporation is a diversified specialty and agricultural products company that develops and markets products for crop protection management, turf and ornamentals management, and public safety and animal health applications. American Vanguard is included on the Russell 2000 & Russell 3000 Indexes and the Standard & Poors Small Cap 600 Index.

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