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Source: agInnovation news release

RENO, Nev. -- agInnovation will serve as the new brand for the national organization representing agricultural research at US Land-grant universities, replacing the former Experiment Station Section branding as it improves its ability to serve as a hub for agricultural advancement. This brand evolution aims to inspire and engage a new wave of agriculturists, researchers, and supporters to drive innovation in the industry and positively impact the lives of all Americans.

Focused on the broad nexus of food, agriculture, science, and engineering, agInnovation supports these universities as they tackle crucial food security, sustainability, climate, and health challenges.

At its core, agInnovation unites research administrators, facilities, and faculty within the Land-grant university network, addressing vital agricultural research amid global population growth and limited resources. Highlighting the pivotal role of agriculture in a sustainable future, agInnovation propels results and best practices within the Land-grant network to further catalyze advances in food and nutritional security, environmental stewardship, and energy innovation.

The updated branding is designed to better communicate the tangible benefits of Land-grant university agricultural research, education, and innovation to wider audiences. It includes a revamped website showcasing impactful research projects from Land-grant universities and highlights projects that showcase agricultural research investments' high returns, monetary and impacts on society.

"This is an important effort to increase support for agricultural research at Land-grant universities to confront challenges posed by resource scarcity, climate change, and a growing population," said George Smith, Chair of agInnovation and Director of Michigan State's AgBioResearch. "Building awareness is crucial to obtaining the financial and other support needed in the Land-grant ecosystem to carry out this vital work."

About agInnovation

Land-grant universities have pursued a threefold mission of extending access to higher education, cultivating practical fields like agriculture and engineering, and contributing to economic development. In 1887, a more profound commitment to research, discovery, and innovation was formed by establishing a system of Agricultural Experiment Stations.

This network of Experiment Stations is formally represented by five regional organizations housed under the national title of innovation - formerly known as ESCOP (Experiment Station Section). agInnovation supports the ecosystem of Land-grant universities in the United States by providing resources, support, and advocacy as the agriculture industry develops cutting-edge agricultural research necessary to lead the world to better food, natural resource management, and ecosystem sustainability. Learn more here.

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