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Obtaining accurate market share information on generic pesticide products has always been difficult. Ask farmers what they used on their beans, and many will say Treflan even if they used Tri-4 or Trilin or one of the other trifluralin brands on the market. Ditto for 2,4-D. Most growers know the difference between the chemicals 2,4-D and MCPA, but don’t expect an accurate answer on the exact brand or company that produced it. They just don’t know.

With the increase in generic products reaching the market, St. Louis-based Doane Marketing Research Inc. realized that the ag-chem industry needed a more accurate source for analyzing this market. The company surveyed 1,000 ag-chem retail dealers for 2000 sales and 2001 intentions for 16 of the most important generic active ingredients in today’s marketplace. The results are reported in Doane’s first U.S. Dealer Brand Share Study.

The 16 generic chemicals researched in this study were:

Acephate, Atrazine, Bromoxynil, Chlorothalonil, Chlorpyrifos, Dicamba, Ethephon, Glyphosate, Mancozeb, Mepiquat, Metolachlor1, Pendimethalin, Phenoxies2, Pyrethroids3, Simazine, and Trifluralin.

1 Includes the R and S isomer forms

2 Includes 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, MCPA and mecoprop

3 Consists of all pyrethroids, including chemistries not off-patent

The study found that a total of 32.6 million pounds (active ingredient) of phenoxy product were sold in 2000 at a retail value of $200.7 million. The surveyed dealers expect to sell 34.4 million pounds in 2001, an increase of 5.7 percent. AM

(The top five Phenoxy herbicides sold in 2000 and their markets shares, along with the top five producers and their shares in the Phenoxy market charts can be found in the March issue on page 19.)

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