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McCormick Company commemorated its 75th anniversary on August 2nd with simultaneous celebrations in each of its four offices. The celebration was held in Amarillo and Fort Worth, Texas, Kansas City, Mo. and Des Moines, Iowa, to honor clients, vendors, past and present employees, and others contributing to the agency’s success and longevity.

"We are very excited to be celebrating 75 years of successful partnership with our clients and vendors," said Kathy Cornett, McCormick Company chairman. "Our clients and employee relationships are the foundation for this success and will continue to be our strong suit in the future. Without this sense of partnership, McCormick would have never been able to reach this milestone."

The company is one of only 14 American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) to reach the diamond anniversary. Founded in Amarillo, Texas, by James L. McCormick in 1926, McCormick specialized in photography and photoengraving in the early years. Today, the agency serves clients in a wide scope of industries, including banking, manufacturing, health care and agriculture.

McCormick was tragically killed in a 1954 plane crash in Mexico. After his death, employees purchased the agency from the family and retained the McCormick name in honor of the founder. Known for many years afterward as McCormick Advertising, the company returned to its original name, McCormick Company, at the beginning of 2001 to better accommodate the broad array of services it now offers.


McCormick Company is committed to staying on the cutting edge of their clients’ industries. The staff knows the ins and outs of their clients’ businesses and helps them plan and execute marketing and communication plans that deliver results.

"We believe our staff has a level of marketing knowledge second to none," said Mark Perrin, president of McCormick, Ft. Worth, Texas. "Through our highly trained staff we are able to maintain our commitment to superior account service and deliver the results our clients are looking to achieve."

ücCormick’s commitment to account service is showcased by the longevity of many of the agency’s clients. "Ulatramar Diamond Shamrock has been a client since McCormick opened for business in 1926," Cornett said. "We enjoy many long-lasting client agency relationships - many upwards of 20-plus years."


McCormick has dedicated the entire year to commemorating its 75th anniversary. In addition to simultaneous 75th anniversary parties, staff members are celebrating every 75 days with different office events. Promotional anniversary souvenirs are distributed in most mailings and presentations.

McCormick also is proud of its high employee-retention rate. In an industry with significant turnover, the company is well above industry retention standards.

"McCormick is blessed with many dedicated individuals," Cornett said. "We are celebrating several employee anniversaries this year, starting with 50 years of service and including multiple 10- and 20-year anniversaries. That is something you don’t normally see in the agency business."

"We look at these 75th celebrations as a stepping stone toward the future of successful marketing communications for our clients," Perrin said. AM


What is it like to be in the advertising business for 50 years?

Mr. Don Curphy, chairman emeritus of McCormick Company reflects on 50 years in the business. Curphy joined McCormick in 1951 and spent three years working along side founder James L. McCormick.

"I can’t think of another job I’d be lucky enough to have for 50 years. The marketplace has changed making it a more interesting and exciting challenge for those involved in marketing communications. The people who are involved in the day-to-day advertising business are some of the most talented, and imaginative individuals I have met - they make work fun."

Mr. Curphy is now retired and doing what he loves best - working in marketing communications. AM

Melinda Schwab is a member of the account service staff with McCormick Company in Kansas City, Mo.

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