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Whether it is "Shocking confession of a Media Director" or "Read every word of this ad, or else," the National Association of Farm Broadcasterís newest print ads definitely ensure a second glance. This fall, NAFB launched a series of four print ads, a direct mail piece and a radio spot to shake up the public and media misperception that radio is not the most efficient method to deliver a message to consumers.


Do you think radio is a frequency medium - a way to get your message across several times in one day? Do you feel radio is a supplemental medium -just a way to enhance print advertisement? Is radio seen as a timing medium - the way to reach an audience when circumstances change and there is not enough time for anything else? Or, could you be convinced that radio has inherent characteristics, which can and often do enable advertisers to "reach" an audience in ways that other media cannot?

NAFB sought to address these perceptions and called upon Wernimont & Paullus Advertising, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to create a media campaign that questioned the validity of the audience views. Greg Paullus, the creative partner behind the campaign says there were weaknesses in the current perceptions.

"The often-held belief that radio is only supplemental as a message foundation is incorrect," he says. "In reality, radio does deliver the necessary underpinnings for all selling concepts. There are enough words there."


The entire campaign has the basic message that "What isnít read, isnít reach." Above all, the campaign questions the reach that print advertisement has claimed. Paullus jokes that reach is more than just getting to a mailbox; reach is actually how many people understand your selling proposition.

"Weíre not saying that print is not a foundation medium," says Paullus. "In fact, we are using the very medium that we challenge. But NAFB can dispute the belief that radio canít be used the same, because the number of words in a 30 or 60 second commercial usually exceeds the number of words read in a print ad."


NAFB has created more than just print ads to promote its cause. According to Steve Pearson, executive director of NAFB, a direct mail campaign is in the works, which will be sent to a sampling of agriculture decision makers and advertising account representatives.

A radio spot also has been developed to complement the four print ads running in Agri Marketing. The PSA-type spot was sent to all NAFB members to air on their stations and networks. The entire promotional campaign builds upon the same theme: "What isnít read, isnít reach. Thatís why radio towers." AM

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