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Introductions are in order. Welcome to a sample of a new supplement that will cover the business of food, fiber and agriculture - three traditional industries that are quickly becoming "joined at the hip" more than ever before. Not only are these industries more dependent on each other due to the economic necessity to integrate them, but also due to the more sophisticated and knowledgeable marketplace demands of the consumer.

As biotechnology and other scientific advances continue to change the way products and services are developed, even more strategic alliances, start-up ventures, and mergers and acquisitions are likely to follow. There will be increasing global demand for safe, quality food and fiber, plus the creation of value-added products and new industrial uses of ag products will continue.

The transformation of this industry and its promising outlook has also caught the attention of the investment community - merchant bankers, investment consultants, securities analysts, fund managers, and key ag bankers and lenders. The attention is not only directed toward existing agribusiness corporations, but also at emerging start-ups, down to the grassroots level across rural America. Ethanol, bio-based fuels, value-added crops, organic foods, local processing and traceability are some of the areas attracting new capital.


This quarterly supplement will cover the people, companies, technologies, financing and issues that are at the forefront of the transformation of these industries. It will reach those with a vested interest in the outcome of this transformation - those leaders shaping it and those who are financing it.

YIELD will feature specific profiles of successful companies - both established and start-up, publicly traded and private - and the leaders of these companies. YIELD will summarize their financial performance and discuss issues, such as food safety and security, biotech and industry consolidation, that impact the future direction of the ag, food and fiber sectors.


YIELD will target the top executives and leaders of the ag, food and fiber industry. It will target the financial community of institutional fund managers, securities analysts and merchant investment bankers who focus on biotech, agribusiness, food, chemical and other emerging sectors in this industry. YIELD will also target those strategic marketing and planning service agencies, key government officials and policymakers and influencers, and key university personnel who will shape the direction of agriculture.

The outlook for this newly defined industry is positive. A dialogue and greater understanding between all the stakeholders is the goal of YIELD. Your participation and input into this tool is welcome and encouraged.

Bill Schuermann

VP/Group Publisher

Doane Agricultural Services Co.


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