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Docu-Management Corp., Champaign, Ill., provides technical service for e-publications by creating, managing and distributing e-mails in a variety of industries, including agriculture. The company also operates and, providing expertise in Web communication and tracking tools. Jim Burgauer, director of sales and marketing for Docu-Management Corp., has compiled five tips to help utilize e-mail marketing more effectively:

Create a Teaser.
Short teaser articles in the e-mail should be tracked and linked to a Web page that contains all of the information. Docu-Management encourages clients to create a short article of 100 words or fewer. If the teaser intrigues the recipient, he or she will click on the link leading to the full information. This also provides the source-tracking capability that details the individuals particular interests, allowing companies to focus marketing efforts.

Consistent Format.
This is true not only for e-mail services but for all services. Your pieces should have a familiar look that provides instant recognition, such as a logo or font.

Quick Download Time.
Mailings that work best have clean, concise graphics and display fully in three to five seconds. Users want quick display, or they tend to disregard the mailing. Often you can develop a piece that appears graphical, but really has only small graphic embellishments added to a properly constructed page. Be short, sweet and to the point.

Know Your Readers' Interests.
Things that people have a specific affinity to are far less likely to be turned away from. By using tracking capabilities, you can fine-tune a publication to specific groups who you know have an interest in your message.

Provide a Clear, Undeniable and Working Means of Removal.
If you're in this business in a legitimate fashion, you must provide mechanisms for people to ask to be removed from the list and actually remove them. At Docu-Management, there are three levels of removal:
1. Remove me from this specific mailing or publication;
2. Remove me from any publication from this company or client;
3. Remove me from any publication from any Docu-Management client.

To contact Docu-Management Corp., visit www. or call 888/377-8112 or 877/662-8901. AM

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