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The Dairy Farmers of Ontario and BBDO Toronto, the organization's agency of record since 1978, are no strangers to the Best of CAMA awards. Over the years, several unique campaigns have been recognized, and the newest consumer-directed campaign was awarded 2003 Best of Show - Consumer Directed.

Eye-catching visuals in the Dairy Farmers of Ontario outdoor campaign got the attention of consumers and the Best of CAMA judges.
The campaign consists of three executions, each with one image of a tooth, a bone or an arm-shaped glass being filled with milk, that reminds consumers of the numerous health benefits of milk. The campaign utilized outdoor billboards and transit shelter posters in all Ontario markets to display eye-catching creative that promotes milk's role in helping to build strong teeth, bones and muscles.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is the marketing organization for the largest sector of Ontario agriculture. DFO markets milk and cream on behalf of all Ontario dairy farms, and is owned, operated and financed by the more than 6,000 dairy farm families in the province.

Roberta Jessup-Ramsay, Dairy Farmers of Canada's director of marketing - Ontario, explains that milk is challenged with a lot of competition in the marketplace today. "People still know about the important nutrients in milk, but they often forget about milk," she says. "The beverage category is very competitive, and milk has to work harder to stay in the game."

Marianne Lawless, account director at BBDO Toronto, reinforces the challenges milk marketing faces with the changing dynamics of today's families and the faster pace of life that is becoming the norm.

"Milk is often seen as a commodity that you drink only at home, with meals and as a kid - it is often overlooked," Lawless says. "Everyone needs to be reminded often of the benefits to their health of milk, calcium and many other nutrients."

Once the challenge was identified, it was the responsibility of the agency to develop a campaign that could catch the attention of the fast-paced consumer, while reinforcing the message that milk is good for the body. With so many beverage choices to entice consumers, the campaign strategy would need to work hard to create awareness for milk.

Jessup-Ramsay says the key and the challenge to great outdoor advertising is to use "simple, arresting visuals" without too many words. She immediately liked the simplicity and effectiveness of the campaign, which was created by Jim Burt, art director, who has been creating milk ads for 27 years.

"What really works in these ads is the simplicity of the white on blue," Jessup-Ramsay says, "and the quick message sent by the bone, tooth or arm being filled with milk."

Her testimony is not the only evidence of the campaign's success. Tracking studies done by Ipsos-Reid of Winnipeg, Manitoba, show 50 percent aided recall. Jessup-Ramsay says the industry norm is 25 percent, which proves the images really were captivating and accomplished the goal set out by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to increase awareness of milk and its benefits.

"All of us who worked on this campaign, as well as the Ontario milk producers, are very proud of it," Jessup-Ramsay concludes. "And I am so pleased that the campaign won the CAMA Best of Show." AM

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