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Trimble's GPS guidance market product mix offers customers three potential entry points. "We encourage customers to evaluate these options and decide which offers them the benefits for which their operation is ready," says Director of Marketing Roz Buick.

1. The AgGPS®EZ-Guide® Plus lightbar guidance system provides the customer improved in-field efficiency by minimizing overlaps and skips in application of crop inputs, saving time and stress in the field while reducing labor costs and stretching fuel dollars. Unique lightbar design combines easy-to-see online LEDs and graphic screen to simplify curve guidance and orientation to the swath. Most popular applications include spreading, spraying, seeding, tillage and broad-acre harvest, with pass-to-pass accuracy of 6 to 8 inches -- a highly affordable way to try guidance at just US$2,795.

2. The AgGPS EZ-Steer™ assisted steering system is a hands-free farming system that takes the EZ-Guide Plus lightbar to the next level of guidance benefits -- reduced fatigue resulting from hands-free farming. EZ-Steer assists the operator with hands-free farming while driving; the system then uses its lightbar interface during turns to help the operator line up for the next pass without pausing to count rows. Popular operations include tillage, harvest, spreading, spraying and seeding with 6- to12-inch pass-to-pass accuracy. The EZ-Guide Plus serves as user interface. A higher GPS accuracy option for 3- to 5-inch pass-to-pass is available with EZ-Steer, using either an AgGPS 252 or AgGPS 332 receiver. EZ-Steer now offers a T2™ Terrain Compensation option for improved performance on slopes and rough ground.

3. The AgGPS® Autopilot automated steering system offers customers the highest level of guidance benefits, including the ability to farm hands-free with repeatable accuracy precisely to the inch. Autopilot has a range of options to tailor the system to the user's specific requirements. Display options include four choices: Trimble AgGPS 170 Field Computer, Ag Leader INSIGHT, MidTech Legacy 6000 or the Trimble EZ-Guide Plus lightbar display. Controls are interfaced to the machine via hydraulics or fly-by-wire.

"This product portfolio offers our customers a strong mix of performance, flexibility and upgradeability," says Buick. "As a result, they have great peace of mind in knowing that their investment in Trimble GPS systems is going to be sound - this year, next year and well into the future." AM

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