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I liken the NAFB Annual Convention in Kansas City to traditions like The Masters golf tournament in April or Wimbledon in early July or the State Fairs of late summer. What a great tradition the NAFB convention is!

Emery Kleven, 2005 President
This year's convention will mark NAFB's 61st year. In this past year we have promoted healthy changes within the organization. Responding to the evolving marketplace, we reorganized NAFB membership into three categories: Broadcast Council, Management Council and Allied Industry Council. This has provided a better avenue for management of NAFB stations to have a more active role in the organization.

We refined the main vehicle of communication with our membership, eChats. We believe this electronic option has become the best way to reach our audience. Look for more changes to come in eChats editorial and appearance in 2006.

In addition to these things, I am also proud of the new area of "rural lifestyle" research and our proactive marketing calls to advertising agencies. Farm broadcasters speak directly to many audiences in agriculture. We have shown their message resonates within the growing segment of our population that has smaller acreage and full-time employment in a city. Look for further support of this in the near future.

This will be my 19th NAFB convention. I always look forward to them. I suppose 19 conventions may seem like a big number to some, but to others, like veteran broadcasters Orion Samuelson or Ed Slusarczyk or Allied Industry members Tom Hoy or Mike Hansen, 19 is not all that many. It doesn't matter if you've been to one or 50 - the NAFB convention is always a worthwhile event to attend.

We all have memorable times from each convention, and this one will be no different. From the sold out Trade Talk, NAFB Foundation auction, business sessions, Newsmaker events and NAFB Top Ten list, it promises to be informative, educational and fun.

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