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Last month we began to explore 'employer branding.' In this issue we will look at the importance of building a positive employer brand, how it can be done and what we can do as an industry to help enhance the overall image of the industry's career brand.

Dr. John Sullivan ( provides a concise list of excellent reasons why employers should focus on their employer brand and strive to become the employer of choice.

Advantages of Becoming an Employer of Choice
  • Ease in attracting quality talent
  • Retention rates for current employees
  • Maintaining the corporate culture is relatively easy
  • Customers and strategic partners are also attracted by your favorable image
  • Employee motivation can be easy to maintain because of a shared pride/vision
  • A positive image often results in a higher stock price

Identify what factors impact your employer brand. These items, or 'touch points,' are those places where a potential applicant interacts with your company.

Employees of your organization are sometimes the most influential touch points, but there are a number of other touch points such as: point-of-sale material; the corporate Web site; giveaway items; advertisements; job postings, etc. The list is long, but the goal is to reflect a consistent message about your organization among all touch points.

Employer branding does not have to be costly. For example, develop a standard follow-up procedure for applicants that apply to your job openings. The number one complaint we hear from jobseekers is that they have not heard from an employer after they have submitted their resume. Make it a priority to at least setup an automated response to let them know you have received their resume and when you expect to have the position filled by.

We have looked at individual employer branding, but the lack of interest in career opportunities in agriculture is a larger issue which will require employers from the industry to come together and promote not only their organization, but the industry as a whole. recently was launched to help create awareness of career opportunities in agriculture, food and life sciences among middle school, high school and college students as well as parents, educators and professionals within the industry.

To learn more about AgForLife and how you can get involved visit AM, a member of the family of companies, is the leading online job board and human resource service provider for agri-culture, food, natural resources and biotechnology.

The web is a great way to target customers or potential employees who may already be interested in your product or company. There are three distinct ways for your organization to create an effective presence on the web: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Advertising, and Banner Advertising. Today, looks at Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is free, but is often overlooked. Search engines, such as Google, are built to index text - that is why Search Engine Optimization is so important. "The key here is to remember that your title tag communicates the theme of your Web site, and each web page to potential visitors," says Joe Dales, vice president of The title tag is what is displayed in the search engine results after a query. Your title tag should not be more than about 90 characters. For example, Human Resources professionals often feature a careers page or section on their corporate Web site, but it should also have an HR related title tag with an appropriate tone to help to attract quality candidates to your organization.

For more information about enhancing your web presence, contact Joe Dales at 877/438-5729, ext. 5013.

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