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There are more than 40,000 job boards online today, according to Online recruiting has many advantages such as making the process to find candidates quicker, cheaper and more efficient. According to the 2005 A Quintessential Careers Annual Report, five years ago finding a potential job applicant cost an employer five dollars to seven dollars, but with the emergence of Internet recruiting it can now be done for only two cents to three cents.

In 2005, 61 percent of all external hires can be attributed to just two channels —referrals by current employees and the Internet, states Katharine Hansen of Quintessential Careers.

THE IMPORTANCE OF NICHE BOARDS recently conducted an online survey to gauge what resources job seekers prefer to use when searching for a new career. Respondents most frequently used industry specific, niche job boards followed by corporate Web sites. National, multi-industry boards were number five on the list of seven.

Outside research also supports these findings. Of those human resource professionals surveyed in the Quintessential Report, 84 percent said niche sites provide access to the best talent, while only 11 percent said that general purpose recruitment sites did. Job seekers using have told us that they prefer to use niche sites because they can avoid wasting time exploring opportunities that don't meet the criteria they are looking for.

Corporate career sites also ranked high in the research, Hansen agrees that there
is a need for a mix of internet resources. She also states, that corporate career sites are not a magic bullet, 80 percent of Americans work for companies that have fewer than 100 employees and may not have a Web presence or are hard to find on the Web. Niche sites can provide mid- to small-size employers an opportunity to expose targeted potential applicants to their brand.

Success with a Niche Board
Once you have selected the targeted site(s) you are going to use, it is just as important to develop an effective job posting. Going back to the research done by, job seekers are discouraged from applying for jobs with short job descriptions (26 percent), job postings that do not include a salary or salary range (25 percent), and companies with no Web site for further exploration of the organization (22 percent). Quick Tips — When developing a job description for the Web be sure to include as much information as possible about the job responsibilities and how the job impacts the overall success of the company. If you have a common job for several locations, rather than saying 'multiple locations,' post the job for each individual location if you can do it economically.

For other useful online recruiting and job posting tips, contact your local account manager at 800/929-8975 or

The key to any advertising strategy involves creating goals and objectives, identifying your target audience, weighing the pros and cons of the variety of advertising channels, and developing a strategy that includes a mix that is right for you.

What's exciting nowadays is the interactivity between the different media (such as print ads that drive consumers to the Web for more detailed information). More marketers are also beginning to offer their customers greater online media rich experiences. For example, I noticed recently a current John Deere Web site which provides sound and animation to give the customer the feel and emotion of John Deere equipment. recently launched a new site that uses the powerful Flash-based technology to make a user visit more informative and entertaining.

It's not about using technology for the sake of technology. It is about delivering the message and moving the customer towards the purchase decision, today's Internet technology can be used to truly engage your target audience and differentiate yourself. For more information on the effectiveness of online marketing, visit or contact Joe Dales at; or call 877/438-5729, ext. 5013.

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