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An effective on-boarding program can significantly impact turnover and retention for an organization.
There are a number of factors that make a difference to the new hire and lead to engagement, productivity and retention within the first year. The activities involved occur before and after the hire.

Sell the Candidate — while this may seem basic, remember the interviewing process is a two-way street. Let the candidate know what makes your organization an exciting place to work. Explain the talent level, management style and culture of co-workers. Be sure the candidate knows the roles and responsibilities. Finally, share what the career and financial opportunities are that can be accomplished.

Timely Recruitment Process — good candidates will have a number of opportunities and the longer you wait to make decisions and offers, the more likely the good candidates will be offered other job opportunities.

Involve Influencers — if applicable, involve the spouse and family in the recruitment process. If the offer requires the candidate to relocate, involving outside influencers from the beginning and making them feel a part of the process will help short-term and long-term.

Communication —
keeping in contact between the acceptance of the offer and when the candidate actually starts can be awhile. Contact the candidate regularly during this time. Have several people from the organization give them a call to congratulate them or send over a couple of files/articles for them to look over and get them thinking about their new role. Before the candidate starts, be sure they know where they are to go on their first day and provide them with an agenda for the first week.

Meaningful Project — stick to only the necessary paperwork and administration tasks for the first day. Rather, assign and discuss a project for the new hire to complete within the first week to two that will give them an immediate sense of accomplishment and contribution to the organization.

Set Objectives —set specific objectives for the candidate to meet. Consider short-term and long-term goals. Remember that engagement typically drops off after six months, so you want to set some goals that can be monitored through that period.

Ask for Feedback — after the first week and then bi-monthly after that for the first year, ask for feedback on the organization's on-boarding process. Don't be afraid to make changes based on those recommendations.

Obviously there are other basics not covered here, such as ensuring that the new employee has all of the tools necessary to do their job, introducing them to the team, and providing a mentor. For more information please contact at is the leading online job board and human resource service provider for agriculture, food, natural resources and biotechnology. is a member of the

Get in the Hot Seat — for job seekers

March 13, 2007
Web Seminar

Creating Internship Programs that Produce Results
April 3-4, 2007
Kansas City, MO

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