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All hail Dog River, Saskatchewan!

Imagine Dog River a lazy little prairie town plunked right in the middle of Canada's number one grain-producing province. Life in Dog River is the epitome of what it's like to live in rural Canada. On a hot summer day the heat waves are so intense you could gather them in your hands like a bunch of dandelions. In the deep freeze of a bitter winter, with winds howling and snow so thick you can't see your hand in front of your nose (or anyone else's hand for that matter)
there is no question why neither Saskatchewan gophers nor people poke their noses outdoors.

Makes you wonder why people choose to call Saskatchewan home. Here's the answer: people are friendly, genuine and laid back and we never have to reset our clocks. Life in the fast lane is just something reporters talk about on the 6:00 news. The welcome mat is always out and there's a bag of pork rinds with your name on them. And we know how to throw one rip-roaring, brow-beating, time-of-your-life party.

This year's The Best of CAMA event will be every bit as big as the Rolling Stones at Mosaic Stadium, hosting the Grey Cup or the RCMP tattoo. And Dog River is part of the game plan! Watch for the 2007 Call for Entries during the lazy, hazy days of summer and mark November 14 on your calendar for a celebration that will end after the cows come home!

In case you're thirsting for knowledge along with a little of the bubbly, pull a chair up to the table.

This November in conjunction with the Best of CAMA, for the first time, we are proud to offer the Certificate in Agri-Marketing (CAM) program.

CAM is a three-course program designed to help you grow your agribusiness marketing skills. Developed jointly by the CAMA and the Canadian Centre for Sales and Marketing, this certificate program includes modules on Marketing to Farm Business, Strategic Agri-Marketing and Agri-Marketing Application. On completion, your certificate testifies to the knowledge gained and builds your credentials as an agri-marketing professional.

The first installment, "Marketing Farm Businesses," will be delivered in Regina from 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 13 to 12:00 p.m. on Friday, November 16. This intensive three-day course is for managers who develop or implement marketing programs targeted to farm and agribusiness operations. Your hosts for this leg of the journey are Tom and Justin Funk. Need more information? Check out

We're pulling out all the stops in search of the Saskatchewan Agri-Marketer of the Year. If your strategic efforts produce measurable results or your brand dominates the market or you've invented an innovative new mousetrap, it could be you!

We're launching a new program to celebrate companies and people with a proven track record in marketing that boosts sales and improves brand awareness. Nominations are open until June 30. You'll find all the information you need in the Saskatchewan section of the CAMA Web site under awards at

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