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Source: American Angus Association news release

With signs of spring emerging in many parts of the country, you and fellow cattle producers are likely battling your share of annual weather challenges. But as you wrestle the mud to work the season's newest calf crop, consider getting more out of that hard-earned calf -- $2.65 more per hundredweight (cwt.) on average.

According to data from Superior Livestock Auction, age- and source-verified calves sold June through September 2009 earned an average $1.57 more per cwt. than non-verified calves, and enrollment in AngusSource boosted profits another $1.08 per cwt. -- bringing the total to $2.65 per cwt.

And unlike other springtime challenges, enrollment is easy.

"Depending on your needs, enrollment usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour," says Sara Snider, AngusSource director.

The American Angus Association's USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) offers two levels of verification. AngusSource for Angus-sired calves documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Gateway, a second-tier program of AngusSource, verifies only source and group age.

To get started, visit to:

1) Read the Producer Participant Manual, Program Requirements and Participation Requirements.

2) Complete the Producer Participant Enrollment Form and Producer Participant Agreement and return them to AngusSource via mail or fax.

3) Complete your training and evaluation via phone.

4) Begin the cattle enrollment process. Additional management questions will be asked and copies of required records must be submitted. In certain cases, an on-site visit may be required.

To qualify for enrollment, calves must be enrolled by the ranch of origin and have known group age (first calf born). AngusSource calves must be sired by a properly transferred registered Angus bull.

Once enrolled, AngusSource and Gateway offerings are listed online and distributed to more than 600 potential buyers.

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