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Source: Vestaron news release

A new triple mode-of-action bioinsecticide from Vestaron Corp. called Spear-P offers an effective biological control solution for the Colorado Potato Beetle. Visit Booth 821 at Potato-Expo 2017 for more details.

Spear-P and all Spear bioinsecticide products offer the consistency and effectiveness of synthetic chemistries combined with the safety of biologicals. Spear-P uses a combination of Spear and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The two modes of action inherent in Spear products plus Bt give Spear-P three distinct ways to kill the target pests. This provides a significant tool for the management of insect resistance and the synergistic action of the combo product gives enhanced performance.

Vestaron is also expecting commercial availability for three more products - Spear-T, Spear-O and Spear-C - in 2017. Spear-T controls thrips, mites, and whiteflies in greenhouse vegetables, Spear-O in greenhouse ornamentals and Spear-C protects crops from lepidopteran pests. Spear-C also utilizes a Bt formulation.

"We are excited to offer the power and safety of Spear-P to potato growers," said Vestaron CEO John Sorenson. "All our Spear pest control products are toxic to target insects but non-toxic for humans and the environment. With no known resistance, the Spear line will benefit grower operations throughout the country."

The Spear product line is designed to be non-toxic for fish, birds, humans and other mammals, honeybees and other beneficial insects. Field trials of Spear products demonstrate results equivalent or superior to conventional control chemicals.

The products' active ingredient utilizes two new modes of action to control insects, which will help delay the emergence of insect resistance, while enhancing performance. They also have a four-hour re-entry interval and zero-day pre-harvest interval to maximize grower flexibility.

About Vestaron Corporation
Vestaron Corporation exploits the natural insecticidal properties of a class of peptides which have potent insect killing potential, but are safe to humans, birds, fish and the environment. These peptides utilize new modes of action that have never before been used for insect control, and therefore do not suffer from insect resistance. In addition to the bioinsectcides, the Company is also leveraging its peptide technology with the development of traits and synthetics that also have a favorable safety spectrum. Vestaron is the winner of the Inaugural 2015 Bernard Blum Award for novel biocontrol solutions. Recently, the Company announced completion of an oversubscribed Series D round of financing totaling $18 million dollars.

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