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BrownfieldAgNews reports:

New standards have been set for grass-fed dairy producers. The American Grassfed Association's (AGA) Marilyn Nobel tells Brownfield producers requested the dairy standard to bring uniformity to the niche market. She says, "It's good for the animals, delivers to consumers what they think they're getting when they see grass-fed on a dairy label and is also economically feasible for producers."

AGA's Board of Directors approved new guidelines in December, explaining what is and is not allowed for their grass-fed dairy certification.

Nobel says, "The standards are that the animals are fed a diet of grass. They're not ever fed grain. They don't get antibiotics and hormones. They're on pasture most of the time, and the milk or yogurt is coming from American farms and ranches." Also, newborn calves can be fed milk, but never milk replacer under the new grass-fed standards.

The new dairy standard is modeled after the AGA's grass-fed meat animal standards put in place eight years ago.

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