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In 2017, business majors and graduates are looking for ways to increase their earnings. They want to go into their field knowing that they will build a career worthy of the work that they put in. But, they need not worry. There are plenty of options out there.

Those that have a master's degree in business administration - also known as an MBA - have several careers to choose from. All of these options currently pay their workers a high wage. As a result, people who are still looking at business careers can definitely boost their salary.

Getting the MBA

As many undergraduates know, there are several options for getting your master's degree in business administration. Sure, you can go the old-fashioned route of looking locally for the best school. But, with the advent of the internet, that is no longer the only option. There are plenty of options out there for enrolling in online programs. All you have to do is explore, and choose the one that fits you best. Once you graduate, there are several career options for you.

Applying Business to Agriculture

Agriculture thrives with agribusiness as its fuel. Find dozens of careers in agribusiness by exploring the Career Profiles, or click on the following six career options. With an MBA under your belt, you also have the opportunity to climb the career ladder beyond your area of expertise by achieving a C-Suite position (CEO, CFO, or COO).

Marketing Manager

One option is in the marketing field. Marketing managers help their companies sell their product. You not only manage prices, and develop strategies. You also create advertisements. You are the person that puts out the company's message. Your creations will be seen by everyone across the country, so a good business sense is mandatory.

Human Resources Specialist

When most people think business, this is the department many people envision. They do the hiring and recruiting. But, they are also in charge of salaries and benefits. General knowledge of business, as well as knowing how your business runs, is essential to making this position work. Remember - everything goes through H.R.


If you enjoy project management, this is the job for you. Everything to organizing within a company to aiding in disaster relief will be the tasks that a logistician is required to do. Anything that requires coordinating to accomplish tasks will be right up your alley.


While a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification is desired, you can achieve advanced positions like Accounting Manager with the acquisition of an MBA.

Export Sales Manager

Interested in international affairs and business? Interested in travel? Work as an Export Sales Manager to serve as an intermediary between foreign buyers and domestic sellers.

Financial Advisor

Lastly, a financial advisory position is one of the most popular and lucrative ones for someone with an MBA. Financial advisors help farmers and agribusinesses determine their spending limits, retirement planning, and much more. There is a multitude of options for the person who is willing to advise others on financial situations.

A person who has a master's degree in business administration has the ability to work almost anywhere he or she chooses. With their knowledge, they can help any business succeed. However, much is required for each task discussed here. So, it is up to you decide how you want to apply your degree. But, with the right knowledge, and the best-chosen field, the sky is truly the limit.

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