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Source: Crop Copter news release

Crop Copter is excited to launch the next version of their popular EZ Health NDVI camera and software package. Since the implementation of Part 107 by the FAA in August of 2016, demand for commercial UAVs and sensors has been extremely strong. UAV users are demanding maximum productivity, flying as many acres a day as possible.

Brett Haas, co-owner and sales manager of Crop Copter, understands these issues first hand. A Central Illinois farmer himself, Brett has worked with UAV users nationwide to capture accurate data in a timely manner. "In the past, we have struggled to cover the acres in a day needed to use UAV imagery in a scalable way, Haas states. "We knew we need to cover more ground and fly more hours a day, but the quality of the data and accuracy couldn't be compromised."

Crop Copter has long worked on extended flight UAVs. A typical multirotor UAV travels around 20-25 mph. In order to cover more acres, Crop Copter would work on UAVs that flew 35 plus minutes. Endurance UAVs are larger in size and cost considerably more.

Instead of building a longer flying UAV, EZ Health 4.0 can now capture images of speeds in excess of 70 mph while still maintaining image quality and spatial accuracy. As a DJI enterprise dealer, Crop Copter has integrated EZ Health 4.0 onto the new DJI Inspire 2 that can travel up to 58 mph. Combining EZ Health with an Incident Light Sensor, the new package can use more of the daylight hours for flight than the typical 10am-2pm recommend window for NDVI flights.

According to Haas, "This idea of speed vs. size has been extremely successful in planter technology during the last couple of years and we knew it would work." "We can essentially cover twice the acres with the same accuracy and image quality and fly earlier and later in the day," explains Haas. EZ Health will continue to use its own software, allowing for immediate onsite processing of data.

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