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Source: Bayer news release

The FiberMax One Ton Club honors 391 growers who qualified four-bale and higher yields with FiberMax varieties in 2016. Now in its 12th year, 1,049 high-yielding growers are members of the club.

The highest yield for those who qualified for the One Ton Club in 2016 - 3,059 pounds per acre - was recorded by Johnny Lindley, of Lakeview, Texas. Lindley also recorded the highest gross loan value on his qualifying acres - $1,749.44.

Lindley qualified for the club with yields more than four times the Texas average in 2016, which was 720 pounds per acre and more than double the national cotton yield average in 2016, which was 855 lb/A, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Every One Ton Club member, including 200 growers who qualified for the first time, recorded yield averages that were more than 2 1/2 times times higher than the Texas state average.

The highest acreage winner, Craig McCloy, of Morse, Texas, averaged more than 2,000 lb/A on 2,046 acres.

"This club is solid evidence of the success growers enjoy when they combine their knowledge and skills with our science - cottonseed varieties and inputs focused on increasing a grower's opportunity for profit," says Jason Wistehuff, U.S. product manager for FiberMax cotton. "The consistent yields of FiberMax are demonstrated with the growers who come back year after year."

Of the 391 members who qualified for the 2016 crop, six growers qualified in 10 years or more and nine percent qualified in five years or more.

Consistent performance across the FiberMax brand is definitively proven by the range of varieties with which growers qualified for the One Ton Club over the last 12 years.

"Growers have qualified for the FiberMax One Ton Club with 38 different varieties," Wistehuff says. "Each time we add varieties to the FiberMax lineup, we add growers who made high yields in fields planted to those varieties."

Top of the One Ton Club Crop

Individual awards presented during the banquet included highest yield, highest loan value, highest gross loan value per acre, most acres and most varieties. This year's winners are:

Highest Loan Value. Pafford Farms, of Los Banos, California, garnered $0.5781 on 38 acres with an average yield of 2,175 pounds per acre.

Highest Yield and Highest Gross Loan Value. Johnny Lindley, of Lakeview, Texas, qualified a yield of 3,059 lb/A and earned $1,749.44 per acre on his qualifying acres.

Most Acres. Craig McCloy, of Morse, Texas, averaged 2,143 pounds per acre on 2,046 acres.

Most Varieties Achieving One Ton Club Yields. Five growers qualified one-ton yields with three different varieties:
•Ricky and Gena Yantis, Littlefield, Texas, qualified with FM 1911GLT, FM 2322GL and FM 2011GT
•Charles and Janet Braden, Garden City, Texas, qualified with FM 2007GLT, FM 2334GLT and FM 2484B2F
•Larry Hancock, of Ehrenberg, Arizona, qualified with FM 1911GLT, FM 1740B2F and a field of FiberMax experimental varieties.
•Randy Middlebrooks, of Lubbock, Texas, qualified with FM 1830GLT, FM 2989GLB2 and FM 2484B2F.
•Rick and Tye Heflin, of Floydada, Texas, qualified with FM 1830GLT, FM 2322GL and FM 2484B2F.

Floydada, Texas, Grower Wins One Ton Truck

One Ton Club members are entered into a drawing for a two-year lease on a Ford Super Duty F-350 King Ranch truck.

This year's winner is Wesley and Tracy Campbell of Floydada, Texas. Wesley is a 4-year member of the One Ton Club.

Campbell says he's always been a Chevy man, but driving the One Ton Club truck over the next two years could persuade him to be a Ford man. What won't change, however, is his chosen cottonseed brand: FiberMax.

"FiberMax is proven for yield and quality," Campbell says. He plants about 95 percent of his cotton crop to FiberMax varieties and has been doing so since 1992. He started choosing FiberMax because he saw the results on neighbors' farms.

"They've proven their varieties," Campbell says. In 2016, he planted FM 1830GLT, FM 2484B2F and FM 2322GL. In 2017, he's plans to again plant FM 1830GLT and FM 2322GL. He's also adding FM 1911GLT to the lineup. With the popular FM 2011GT in the background, FM 1911GLT is expected to accelerate the success growers enjoyed with that long-standing favorite by adding LibertyLink for an additional weed control option and TwinLink for worm control. FM 1911GLT also offers an industry-leading disease package for resistance to bacterial blight and tolerance to Verticillium wilt, root-knot nematodes and Fusarium wilt.

Two Growers Win FiberMax Seed and Liberty Herbicide

Bayer also drew two grower entries for FiberMax cotton seed and Liberty herbicide; each winning grower received 10 bags of seed and 30 gallons of Liberty. The winning growers for that valuable prize are:
•Rick and Tye Heflin of Floydada, Texas
•Jerrell and Holly Key of Gruver, Texas

Please visit for additional information on the FiberMax One Ton Club. For more information on how FiberMax cotton seed offers the right variety for the right field, contact your regional agronomist, talk to your local Bayer representative, visit, or call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937).

Bayer is committed to bringing new technology and solutions for agriculture and non-agricultural uses. For questions concerning the availability and use of products, contact a local Bayer representative, or visit Crop Science, a division of Bayer, online at

Visit the Bayer Connect - Social Hub for social media, recent news, blog posts, videos and more from Crop Science, a division of Bayer.

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