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Source: Kroger news release

Just this week, Kroger released a rebranded and expanded version of its in-store natural and organic food lines as reported by The Columbus Dispatch. In response, Massage School San Diego, proponent of raw food snacks and massage schools in San Diego, has issued a list of the top 10 reasons to buy organic, in hopes of encouraging the continued growth of the organic industry.

Previously named Naturally Preferred and Private Selection Organic, Kroger has renamed its organic and natural food lines Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic as of this week. In addition, the grocery store chain has also expanded both lines to include more food items. The brands now include 200 products in 30 different categories of food. Items with the Simple Truth Organic label are certified as organic by the Department of Agriculture, meaning they don't have pesticides, artificial ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup.

In conjunction with Kroger's recent rebranding and expansion of its natural and organic food lines, Massage School San Diego has issued a list of the top 10 benefits of buying organic:
1. Organic food contains no harmful pesticides or chemicals.
2. Organic food is fresher.
3. Organic food tastes better.
4. Farming of organic food reduces pollution and is better for the environment.
5. Animals raised for organic food are treated more humanely and are healthier to consume.
6. Organic farming leads to healthier soil.
7. It supports local farmers.
8. Organic farming promotes biodiversity.
9. Organic food can help your immune system.
10. Going organic can help you lose weight.

Kroger is a chain of stores with locations across the United States. Founded in 1883, Kroger sells food, household products, gas, pharmacy items and more. As of 2010, there were 3,574 store locations. Its headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, and employs more than 300,000 workers.

Food that is certified as organic is produced without the use of pesticides, chemicals or radiation. It contains no additives or artificial ingredients and is generally considered to be a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of eating.

Department of Agriculture, also known as the USDA, is a federal organization that develops policies and regulations regarding food, agriculture and farming in the United States. Headed by Secretary Tom Vilsack, the USDA was first formed in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln.

In response to Kroger's recently expanded and rebranded natural and organic food lines, Massage School San Diego has issued a list of the top 10 benefits to buying organic food, with aims of promoting and encouraging the growth of the organic food movement.

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