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Source: Bayer CropScience news release

After listening to growers about their needs, Bayer CropScience employed the information to enhance its Variety Selector Tool™ (VST) application, which is used by farmers, consultants and seed dealers to make the best FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed variety selections. The enhanced VST application will help make the seed selection process easier for 2013 crop planning by providing tailored information on seed varieties and creating shareable seed plans.

"This new VST tool allows farmers, dealers or consultants to identify the most adapted varieties for their areas and determine the amount of seed and Liberty herbicide needed, and use that information as the basis for seed and herbicide ordering," said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for FiberMax and Stoneville.

The VST app continues to offer a tailored list of recommended varieties based on location and variety selection filters such as herbicide tolerances, irrigation, soil texture and nematode pressure. Once chosen, users can compare and evaluate varieties, view performance, see photos and view videos of grower testimonials from their area.

The easy-to-use Seed Needs Calculator™ within the app computes seeding rates and acreage to determine bag/box needs and, with the new enhancements, the app now offers a Liberty® herbicide usage calculator, which indicates how many gallons of Liberty a grower will need for varieties with the LibertyLink® trait. For quick conversions, a new stand-alone calculator allows for simple conversions of bags to boxes and Liberty usage.

The VST also now offers a framework where users can create, save, manage and share the tool's recommendations as a seed plan. If variables change, the plans can be accessed easily and changed to reflect updated recommendations. Multiple plans can be saved, based on user's needs, and plan summaries can be sent through email and exported into spreadsheet software.

The enhanced VST is available currently in an Apple® iPad® version. The tablet application for Android® is coming soon. The original version can also be found on both and This web version will be updated soon.

For users who already know what FiberMax and Stoneville varieties they will plant, the Seed Planner™, a separate mobile app designed for Android and Apple smart phones, has the ability to allow the user to make spot changes to seeding rates and seed quantities as in-field conditions change.

For more information on how FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton Seed varieties can work on your farm, contact your regional agronomist or Bayer CropScience sales representative. Also visit and, talk to your local Bayer CropScience representative or call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937).

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