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Source: Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies news release

The Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) announced this week that it has launched its Organic Seed Finder website, viewable at

The Organic Seed Finder website allows vendors of organic seed to post their available varieties in a central, online location where potential buyers can search for needed varieties. It will also be a valuable resource for organic certifiers who need access to documentation of the types and varieties of organic certified seed available to organic growers. There is no cost to individuals searching for organic seed varieties to use the Organic Seed Finder website.

"AOSCA is well-positioned to provide this website, based on its knowledge and long history of service to the seed industry, as well as its ability to manage and present seed variety information," said Steve Sebesta, North Dakota State Seed Department deputy seed commissioner and AOSCA Board of Directors president. "The core of AOSCA's mission has been to promote seed or plant products that meet certain accepted standards and providing the Organic Seed Finder is one way that AOSCA can support this growing segment of the seed industry."

The Organic Seed Finder website is designed to be easy-to-use. With a minimum number of clicks, the user can gain access to listed varieties and links to the companies offering them for sale. In addition, it provides links to sponsoring organizations and related information useful to the organic seed industry and its customers. The variety information on the site is not intended to provide real-time inventories of seed available for sale, but it will be a useful tool for customers to locate seed, then provide them the information they need to contact vendors and complete the sales transaction.

AOSCA collaborated with stakeholder working groups, including the American Seed Trade Association's Organic Seed Committee, on the design, function, promotion and funding of the Organic Seed Finder website. The website encourages feedback from its users, which will be shared with the organic seed industry as a means of helping identify what types of organic seed may be requested by growers.

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