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BioRefinex Canada Inc. utilizes an anaerobic digestion system that converts organic waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer. BioRefinex, a patented process in 18 countries, is a "thermal hydrolysis reactor", which uses high pressure and saturated steam to denature all organic material and destroy all pathogens while retaining the valuable nutrients.

BioVessel Technologies makes use of an anaerobic digestion system that converts organic waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer. The platform provides a real-time waste management monitoring and reporting system for integration into enterprise IT systems, which provides analytics, ROI payback visibility, overall revenue generation and environmental impact savings.

Diacarbon Energy Inc.'s portable, modular, thermochemical biomass refineries convert biomass waste into biocoal for use as a replacement for fossil coal. Diacarbon has operated pilot reactors in Canada for more than 18 months, and recently completed a biocoal co-firing trial in a cement kiln.

Industrious Nature Technologies Inc. has developed a sustainable solution for the global problem of food wasteage and is involved in commercializing a biological system to convert food waste into high-value products for the agricultural sector.

Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. through the LWR Treatment System use a chemically enhanced mechanical process to recycle water and segregate nutrients from manure. There is zero discharge; all parts of the manure are reused. The outputs of the LWR process are clean reusable water, concentrated liquid nutrient and dry solids.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. is a clean water company that recovers valuable nutrients from used water streams. The company's proprietary technology, the Pearl® Process, recovers otherwise polluting nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen, from municipal and industrial water streams, and transforms them into a slow release, eco-friendly fertilizer marketed as Crystal Green®.

PB&C Agri-Tech Solutions Inc. has developed a method of rapidly determining the specific gravity of solid materials like french-fry strips, wine grapes, lumber, food products etc. The method aids many manufacturers' need to determine the specific gravity of the incoming product to accurately set and optimize processing equipment.

Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. produces price competitive (without a premium), 100% tree-free paper, which meets all specifications of leading commercial papers. The paper is produced from non-edible agricultural crop byproduct (wheat/flax straw) using patented technology that allows for a chlorine-free, acid-free, sulfur-free, 90 % closed loop, 80% off-the-grid manufacturing process.

Prevtec microbial, Inc. is an agri-food biotechnology company specialized in developing technologies and marketing products for improving the health of food animals in order to increase production performance and food safety.

S2G BioChemicals Inc.'s Sugar-to-Glycol technology offers a drop-in replacement for petrochemical glycols at a lower cost. The biochemical glycols produced are chemically identical, but derived from sustainable, renewable sources. The technology is chemical and not a biological process (catalytic hydrotreating), which means it is rapid, high yield, scalable, and robust.

SemiosBIO Technologies Inc. has developed safe and environmentally-friendly, pheromone based pest control solutions for commercial growers. Their innovative technology utilizes pheromones to disrupt pest mating cycles, hence minimizing crop damage.

Steeper Energy Canada Ltd. develops clean energy solutions based on upgrading low rank coals, biomass and waste that offers a significant positive impact on the security of energy supply, natural and urban environment and cost effectiveness. Steeper Energy utilizes Hydrofaction™ technology to transform low energy density feed-stocks into high energy density and valuable synthetic crude oil, referred to as Hydrofaction™ Oil.

Syngar Technologies Inc. utilizes ultra sound waves called PLUSWave to stimulate fermentation and cell growth. This technology works within existing fermentation industry infrastructure and does not rely upon any genetically modified organisms or other technology requiring follow on regulatory or new infrastructure build out, to achieve an economic benefit.

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