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Farm Industry News reports:

Precision Planting today announced a concept seed delivery system designed to allow Midwest farmers to plant at speeds up to 10 to 12 mph as opposed to the traditional 5 go 6 mph.

The system, called, SpeedTube, takes the place of the traditional seed tube and controls the seed from the top of the seed meter to the bottom of the tube. More control of the seed ensures the seed is spaced evenly, even though speeds are being increased.

Sean Arians, marketing manager with Precision Planting, says the SpeedTube combines electric-meter-drive technology with its Vset seed meter. "What that does is it allows us to carry the seed from the meter down to the trench," Arians says. "We have the ability to do that since we are managing the seed down the tube. We will be able to increase planter speeds about double what growers experience today."

In conjunction with the SeedTube concept launch, Precision Planting has developed a new wireless, cloud-based communications system that will let you access all of your farm data from anywhere. Precision Planting is holding a conference this week called "Farming with speed" to talk about this new wireless platform along with partnerships it will be forming with other technology providers.

"Farmers must make decisions faster than they ever had to before," Arians says. "So along with making fast decisions, you have to have information available in cab. Farmers will be able to make decisions inside or outside the tractor cab and see what it is going on in their operation at any given time, via the internet or iPad."

Arians says the new platform will give farmers a single-source location for all of their farming information. The data can be shared with multiple machines wirelessly and sent back and forth wirelessly. "For example, if you have two planters running in the same field, with our technology you can share where the other planter has planted, so swath control will function correctly when you are going thru the field. Coverage is shared between both planters so your swath control will then function correctly and turn off as needed."

The company says it will release more details on SpeedTube after the spring planting season.

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