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Source: DuPont Pioneer news release

Many livestock and crop farmers have added a new word to their business vocabulary. Alongside "silage," "pickup," and "section," they are using the word "app."

Wikipedia describes an app as application software that causes a computer (or mobile device) to perform useful tasks.

Growers can find agronomy-related apps to help them with just about any chore, and app development is being driven by grower use of these high-tech tools.

"Rapid adoption of mobile devices among farmers is incredible," says Matt Snyder, product manager, digital marketing platforms for DuPont Pioneer. "With convenient apps, growers have practical solutions literally in their pockets, accessible anytime, anywhere."

Highly sophisticated apps enable growers to record crop observations, including text, photos and field boundary information, on a phone or iPad. Users can then immediately share with others in the app or via e-mail.

Snyder shared several of the apps he frequently recommends for growers:

• Pioneerฎ Field360™ Tools - Tracks and predicts growing degree units and precipitation during the growing season.
• Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator - Helps gauge optimal planting rates for Pioneer seed products.
• Pioneer Plantability - Uses specific seed batch data to help growers calibrate their planter equipment accurately.
• Pioneer Inoculant Calculator - A useful calculator the determine inoculants amounts and costs.
• Pioneer Canola Seed Rate Calculator - Helps estimate the amount of canola seed needed for planting.
• SoilWeb - A simple tool that shows the soil type "under" the device's location.
• Purdue Extension Corn & Soybean Field Guide - A very thorough and useful resource.
• ID Weeds - A weed identification guide by University of Missouri Extension.

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