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Source: MyAgCentral news release

MyAgCentral, a division of DN2K, today announced the second of its new end-to-end solutions for agriculture, which gives growers a simple and affordable way to leverage variable rate irrigation (VRI) remotely. The end-to-end solution, available through the MyAgCentral dashboard, enables growers to order, integrate and monitor electronic VRI prescriptions from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

DN2K partners with Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) as a VRI prescription provider, AgSense as a supplier of irrigation telematics solutions, and Prime Meridian as a MyAgCentral service provider, to deliver this fully integrated VRI workflow solution.

MyAgCentral's online service makes it easy for growers and irrigation providers to order VRI agronomic related services and deliver irrigation prescriptions to pivots in the field.

The VRI solution, delivered through the MyAgCentral dashboard, allows agronomic service providers to easily upload the soil electroconductivity and topographical data necessary for processing through PCT's industry leading VRI software solution.

Customized prescriptions optimizing water and power resources for specific fields and crops are delivered seamlessly back to the grower's MyAgCentral account. Without leaving their MyAgCentral dashboard, growers and service providers can push VRI prescriptions to any AgSense telematic equipped center-pivot.

PCT's VRI prescriptions can also be ordered through MyAgCentral for many other OEM and third party centerpivot telematic systems. "This end-to-end VRI management solution connects all the dots and brings together the people needed to support growers through the entire VRI process," said Susan Lambert, CEO of DN2K.

"Growers can now take full advantage of VRI, optimizing inputs and increasing yields whether they're in their office or mobile." Steve Cubbage, President of Prime Meridian, said the MyAgCentral dashboard finally makes the VRI end-toend solution possible. "There's always been a disconnect between those who provide the agronomic services and those who deliver the technology solutions.

You could get the center pivot hardware from a dealer, but they typically don't have access or expertise to the agronomic pieces to make it work. Similarly, what good are VRI prescriptions if you don't have the right technology to utilize the data? The MyAgCentral dashboard brings the right people and the right technology together in one place," said Cubbage.

Andrew Smart, founding member of PCT, looks at the partnership as another positive step towards 'making it easy' for agronomists and growers to implement technically sound spatial irrigation solutions. "This integration with MyAgCentral really makes VRI services and other advanced agronomic technologies more accessible to Prime Meridian clients," said Smart.

"Improved water management practices is quickly becoming a necessary goal of many growers who understand that water is the key driver and when managed properly their whole farming system can become optimized, more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable. PCT's solutions directly address these concerns and MyAgCentral delivers it in a simple way right to the grower."

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