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By: Beef Today Editor Greg Henderson and Friends

([ ] brackets indicate authors edits)

Remember the name Chris Arnold. After you've become sufficiently outraged by this story, Chris Arnold needs to hear from you.

He's the [propaganda] communications director and "official spokesman" at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Chris [bows] reports to Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of the overhyped, overpriced burrito chain that sold more than $3 billion worth of beans, beef and pork wrapped in tortillas last year. In the 20-plus years since Ells launched Chipotle, the business has grown to more than 1,600 stores with 45,000 employees.

Along the way he's managed to [piss-off] slander most of mainstream agriculture and [brainwash] indoctrinate a generation of America's youth with Chipotle's version of Kool-Aid. Chipotle's two videos - Scarecrow and Farmed and Dangerous - are pure snake oil.

To be blunt, Chipotle's advertising is [damned lies] deceitful. They've touted "Food With Integrity" for years, all while implying the beef, pork and crops you raise are somehow [poison] unfit for human consumption.

Customers are encouraged to believe that the cows and pigs on Chipotle's menu spend their lives frolicking in pristine, sun-coated pastures before they happily give their lives to become banquet burritos. Wait...there's more.

Ells has just [bloviated] announced that he can't find enough American beef that is "responsibly raised," so he's turning to Australia.

Ells says using Australian-sourced beef "is an important step in our never-ending journey to help build a food system based on what we call Food With Integrity."

It's a new low for Ells and Chipotle, and you need to call him out. Do so by telling Chris Arnold via Twitter @ChipotleMedia and use hashtag #ChipotleLies.

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