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Source: XSInc news release sent via AgPR--the news distribution service for agriculture

When farmers, retailers, and crop consultants examine harvest data, it is often difficult to determine which of the numerous factors affecting yield had the greatest impact. AgVeritas, the patented cloud-based yield analysis application introduced last year by XSInc, was designed to economically resolve this issue by providing a highly accurate analysis of many factors that drive yield and impact variability.

XSInc recently conducted its 200th analysis of field yield data with AgVeritas, which analyzes multiple factors simultaneously to determine the key performance drivers for yield and profitability at exact locations on a field. Producers use these results to create precise prescriptions for placing minimum inputs while getting maximum return.

Agronomist Dr. Chad Godsey, owner of Godsey Precision Ag, said, "Farmers can use AgVeritas to perform field diagnostics or to assess trials and treatments, and they can feel confident basing management decisions off the data. They no longer need to apply chemicals and fertilizer where it simply isn't needed, which improves both stewardship and profitability."

Prior to the availability of AgVeritas, this highly detailed type of yield analysis was time consuming and costly, and primarily confined to the academic realm.

"We saw a need to make this complex analytical technique available directly to retailers and consultants through an easy to use tool," added Bill Barton, XSInc chief operating officer. "AgVeritas puts the power of advanced spatial statistical analysis at their fingertips."

Designed to complement existing precision ag data management tools, AgVeritas analyzes the collective impact of multiple field characteristics (e.g. soil types, elevation, electrical conductivity) and management practices (e.g. management zones, treatments, trials). This technology provides a simple way to generate highly accurate assessments of yield data by evaluating hundreds of points per acre, versus the traditional analysis of averages across a hundred acres.

The inclusion of advanced spatial analysis in AgVeritas further increases precision and accuracy. AgVeritas examines field variability to identify "spatial effects" - unusually high and low yielding areas on a field that cannot be explained by known factors included in the analysis. By assessing the impact of spatial effects along with data for measurable factors, AgVeritas provides a more accurate analysis of how management practices affect yield.

About XSInc
Established in 1998, Morrisville, NC based XSInc is a leader in data collection, integration, analytics and reporting, primarily for the agriculture and turf and ornamental industries. XSInc offers custom and standard cloud-based solutions for improving workplace efficiency, evaluating industry standings, optimizing marketing efforts, administering production management programs, and maximizing client relationships without the disruption and cost of replacing existing systems and processes.

For more information visit or contact XSInc director of marketing Becky Horn at 919.379.3539 or

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