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Source: Syngenta news release

As the tell-tale swaths of corn grown under center pivot irrigation continue to mature, an innovative solution for irrigated corn growers is being implemented throughout the Corn Belt. Water+™ Intelligent Irrigation Platform, the industry's first commercial effort to integrate all components of an agronomic system, has seen its footprint expand to more than 40,000 acres in 2014.

A collaborative effort between Syngenta and Lindsay Corporation, a leading provider of irrigation systems, Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform brings together market-leading agronomic products, irrigation technologies and services. The result: a trial-tested agronomic system that allows irrigated corn producers to grow more corn with up to 25 percent less water.

"In developing this solution, the Syngenta and Lindsay vision was to deliver a complete irrigated corn production system," said Chris Tingle, head of water optimization, Syngenta. "We know that growers are increasingly interested in integrating their entire farming operations so they can be more resourceful with their water and time. Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform enables the basic integration of agronomic and irrigation technologies."

When growers enroll in Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform, which was launched in 2013 as a limited commercial pilot program, they work with a local service team that advises on matters such as hybrid selection, crop protection regimens and irrigation management and scheduling. Enrolled growers also gain access to FieldNET® wireless irrigation management from Lindsay Corporation-industry-leading precision irrigation technology that allows growers to remotely control and monitor their pivots.

"The technology and support that are built into this program enable growers to make more informed decisions and be more efficient with their labor, energy and water use," said Kirk Biddle, national sales director, irrigation at Lindsay Corporation.

An analysis of 2013 data from five trial sites demonstrated that at reduced irrigation, crops under Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform out-yielded those in other programs at full irrigation by an average of eight bushels per acre. In addition to the tangible benefits of increased yields and improved water use efficiency, Tingle noted the intangible benefits of control and flexibility that Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform growers enjoy.

"Irrigated corn growers have a lot of management decisions to make," added Todd Carpenter, water business development manager, Syngenta. "In many cases, the grower is the CEO, the CFO, the COO and the chief mechanic of his or her operations. With Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform, our goal has been to provide growers with tools that will help them be more efficient with their water and their time, while maintaining their output."

Although Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform is tailored for irrigated corn growers, Tingle expressed that any acre-regardless of production environment-can benefit from water-optimized crop inputs and management practices.

"At Syngenta, water optimization is about converting more of the available water into grain," Tingle said. "Water optimization is relevant to any grower-from the high-yield irrigated corn grower facing stringent water allocations to the grower in a rain-fed production environment who recognizes that variable rainfall is detrimental to yield."

The development and growth of Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform represents significant advances for Syngenta in the water optimization space, but helping growers manage their available water to achieve production goals is nothing new for the company.

"Our commitment to water optimization is evident in the established Syngenta corn portfolio, which features several important differentiators that promote water optimization-like Agrisure Artesian® corn hybrids and Quilt Xcel® fungicide," said Chuck Lee, Syngenta head of corn in North America.

In an effort to build on internal expertise and technical depth relating to water optimization, Syngenta and Lindsay Corporation recently rolled out a water agronomy training initiative for sales representatives and agronomic service representatives.

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