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Source: Mitas news release

Mitas' revolutionary tire concept PneuTrac will be one of the most coveted innovations from the tire industry segment of the Farm Progress Show. Mitas will display PneuTrac mounted on a 38" rim at booth 16S for the first time ever in the United States. PneuTrac brings together the best of both worlds in traditional pneumatic tires and rubber tracks. Mitas is intensively testing the PneuTrac concept on an 18" rim and has already started the first tests on a larger 38" rim tire.

"PneuTrac raised huge interest among farmers and machinery manufacturers after being displayed in Europe. We are determined to bring the concept into commercial production to meet their expectations," said Andrew Mabin, Mitas' sales and marketing director. "We still have some ways to go, but we knew that such an innovation, which is unique in the tire industry, needs time for development, testing and monitoring before being made available for sale to worldwide markets."

Mitas PneuTrac provides better traction efficiency with lower slippage, resulting in lower operational costs higher crop yields and less damage to the soil when compared with standard tires. PneuTrac provides very stable driving at low inflation pressures, ensuring comfort and safety with no need to adjust inflation pressure. Mitas is developing its PneuTrac concept with its partner, Galileo Wheel Ltd.

"We are using the full capacity of our test facilities to bring the concept into commercial production, and the results show us we are on the right track," said Hans-Ulrich Klose, head of the automotive engineering unit at Mitas.

The footprint of Mitas PneuTrac is 53% larger than that of a standard tire, and it provides higher tractive force. This ensures gentle ground handling with much lower and improved distribution of pressure on the ground with less soil compaction. The lateral stability of Mitas PneuTrac is of a very high level compared with standard tires: 167% higher. PneuTrac is mountable on standard rims.

Test results of Mitas 280/70 R18 PneuTrac:

Significantly larger footprint: +53%

Footprint .... Inflation .... Footprint
................... Bar/psi .... cm²/sq. in
280/70 R 18 Standard .... 1.6/23 .... 617/96 .... +53%
Mitas 280/70 R 18
....................PneuTrac .... 0.8/12 .... 946/147
source IGTT

Higher tractive force: +48%

Tractive force .... Inflation .... Tractive force
.................. Bar/psi .... coefficient
280/70 R 18 Standard .... 1.6/23 .... 0.29 .... +48%
Mitas 280/70 R 18
PneuTrac .... 0.8/12 .... 0.43
* slippage 10%, Loamy sand
source IPW

Higher lateral stiffness: +167%

Lateral stiffness .... Inflation bar /psi .... Lateral stiffness daN/mm
280/70R18 Standard .... 1.6/23 .... 15 .... +167%
Mitas 280/70R18 PneuTrac .... 0.8/12 .... 40

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