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    Source: Wholesome Meats news release

    San Antonio - Wholesome Meats, a Texas-based regenerative agriculture brand offering nutritious premium ground beef, is taking on the fake meat industry. Launching on National Cheeseburger Day, Friday, Sept. 18, the premium beef company is partnering with several local restaurants and grocers to highlight its good-for-you and good-for-the-planet meat.

    Wholesome Meats uses regenerative farming, a holistic approach to food and farming systems. This method rebuilds and enhances the soil's health by restoring its carbon content, which improves productivity at the farm and heals the planet. The conventional beef industry significantly contributes to constantly rising carbon emission levels, but Wholesome Meats does the opposite, replenishing the resources they use, rather than destroying or depleting them.

    "Fake meats are a hot trend right now and what consumers aren't hearing is that they are highly processed and lack many nutritional benefits", said Kent Wuthrich, CEO of Wholesome Meats. "Regenerative practices produce the only beef that heals the planet. We raise and graze happy animals that help us to properly care for our soil, which, in return, produces premium grass-fed beef that tastes amazing."

    "The traditional food system is a mess because it creates low nutrition food and leaves behind wrecked ecosystems," said Lew Moorman, co-founder of Wholesome Meats and lead investor via Soilworks Natural Capital. "Lab-based food is not the answer. Regeneratively raised food is the future and key to healing our people and planet."

    Wholesome Meats is taking a stand against fake meats, which provide questionable nutritional value and, like industrially-produced beef, is harmful to the environment and to our bodies. In addition, unlike industrial beef producers, Wholesome Meats' ranchers treat their animals with the utmost respect. All of Wholesome Meats' animals spend their entire lives on rich grass, eating their natural diet, and are rotated regularly to ensure they are always on the freshest pastures.

    Loaded with CLAs, Omegas and vital micronutrients, Wholesome Meats is available at select grocery stores and restaurants and via delivery. Wholesome Meats delivers for free to customers spanning from Austin to San Antonio, Texas and ships to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

    For more information, visit

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