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Source: BRANDT sent via AgPR--the news distribution service for agriculture

David Hula
Springfield, IL - David Hula, the world record holder for corn yield, has done it again, posting a tremendous yield of more than 600 bushels/acre in the 2021 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest. And BRANDT is again proud to be a part of the effort.

Hula used five BRANDT products on this year's 602 bushel/acre crop. BRANDT, a leading agriculture retailer and manufacturer of specialty agriculture products, has built its reputation as a leading supplier of advanced micronutrients, bringing new technologies that improve yield and help the world's growers be more profitable.

The five products on Hula's crop were applied through in-furrow and foliar applications. They include BRANDT Smart Trio, BRANDT Smart B-Mo, BRANDT EnZup Zn, N-Boost, and BRANDT Level Up.

"I've always said that it takes a team to set a world record or to put a monster yield like this in the bin," explained Hula. "And this year proves that rule. We had help across the whole range of inputs and especially from BRANDT. I trust BRANDT to bring me the best micros with the most innovative formulations to my farm every year."

Hula easily outpaced the competition for this year's NCGA National Corn Yield Contest in the no-till, irrigated category. His 602-bushel yield was 19 bushels better than his son Craig's yield and more than 214 bushels better than the next entrant not named Hula.

Hula's entry was from his home operation, Renwood Farms, in Charles City, VA. Renwood Farms, located 10 miles upriver from the historic Jamestown Settlement, has seen 400 years of agriculture. It was also the site of Hula's world record yield of 616 bushels/acre in 2019.

"I'm not really interested in 'beating' other farmers. What I'm interested in is pushing the boundaries and being a student of the crop," said Hula. "That's where BRANDT helps. With BRANDT, I can get my crop off to a good start with their enzyme technology and then feed it just what it needs with their micros. If you want to grow big corn, you've got to pay attention to all the details."

Rick Brandt, CEO and President of BRANDT, was one of the first to tip his cap to Hula.

"When I visited David back in September, I had a feeling that he had something special going out in the field just from the way he was carrying himself. But he wouldn't give anything away. Now I know it was beyond special!" laughed Brandt. "Congratulations David and thank you for bringing us in to be a part of this effort. I can't tell you how proud I am of Team BRANDT for contributing to this incredible crop."

BRANDT products continue to help growers deliver ROI on their farms. In addition to this second 600+ bushel/acre crop with Hula, BRANDT products were also used by Randy Dowdy on his world-record-setting soybean yield. In fact, BRANDT Level Up is a foliar micronutrient formulation that was developed in collaboration with Hula and Dowdy for their Next Level crop program.

"I don't believe in keeping secrets from other farmers. I'll tell you exactly how I grew this crop: You just have to ask the right questions," said Hula. "Or, better yet, sign up for your local Next Level camp, and Randy and I will take you through the lessons we've learned growing big crops. The things we learned aren't just for contests. These are lessons to help you improve your ROI no matter what kind of farming operation you have."

This sentiment is shared throughout the BRANDT organization.

"I'm competitive and I love being part of these world records," said Brandt. "But I'm even more proud that we're bringing technologies to growers around the globe that help them in their fields every day. It's not about just setting records. It's about helping farmers grow crops profitably."

BRANDT products, including all those used on Hula's crop, are available through a diverse network of local Ag retailers. More information is available at

A leading agricultural company, BRANDT serves growers around the globe. Founded in 1953 by Glen Brandt and his sister Evelyn Brandt Thomas to help Illinois farmers adopt new and profitable technologies, the company has experienced aggressive growth under the leadership of President and CEO Rick Brandt. For more information, visit BRANDT on the web at

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